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Pt. 1 St. Bernadette & the Apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes

Lessons from Lourdes: Messages for Today

Lessons from Lourdes: Messages for Today

Lessons from Lourdes: Messages for Today

gabiafterhours. The memorial commemorates the eighteen (18) apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Saint Bernadette Soubiroux that occurred between 11 February and 16 July of 1858near the town of Lourdes in the Hautes-Pyrenees region of France. Though there would be other people with her, only Saint Bernadettecould see the Lady.
During the 9th appearance, on 25 February, the Lady told Bernadette to drink from a spring that suddenly appeared in the grotto where the apparitions occurred. During the 12th appearance, on 1 March, a visitor washed her arm in water from the spring, and some nerve damage in it was immediately cured. There is a tradition of miraculouscures at the grotto, or received by those who drink or are bathed in its waters. Bernadette later said that the water had no special properties, but it helped focus the faithful who received the cures through faith and prayer.
During the 13th appearance, on 2 March, the Lady told Bernadette to tell local priests that they should build a chapel at the grotto, and have processions to be made to it; the priests were understandably skeptical, but due to the numbers of pilgrims coming to the area, construction of several churches was started within a few years.
During the 16th appearance, on 25 March, the Lady identified herself as “the Immaculate Conception“.
Due to the number of people gathering at the site, and making treks to the area, on 8 June 1858, the mayor of Lourdes barricaded the grotto and stationed guards to prevent public access; visitors were fined for kneeling near the grotto or talking about it, and Bernadette saw the last appearance of the Lady from outside the barricade. The grotto was re-opened to the public in October 1858 by order of Emperor Louis Napoleon III, and the pilgrims have not stopped coming since.


on 18 January 1862 Bishop Bertrand-Sévère Mascarou-Laurence, with the authorization of Pope Pius IX, declared that the faithful are “justified in believing the reality of the apparition”
national French pilgrimages to the site began in 1873
the basilica of Notre-Dame de Lourdes was consecrated in 1876
Pope Pius IX formally granted a canonical coronation to the statue of Our Lady in the courtyard of the basilica on 3 July 1876
Church of the Rosary consecrated in 1901
a special office and Mass were authorized by Pope Leo XIII
observance of the feast extended to the whole Church by PopePius X in 1907

Seen from the sky : Lourdes. A stunning video !

Seen from the sky : Lourdes. A stunning video !

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Muslims are having dreams of Jesus and there are no Catholic preachers to help them

Image result for photos where are the Catholic preachers?
By now you must have heard about the many Muslims all over the world who are having dreams.They see Jesus and He speaks to them.In this sense they are more privileged them many of us Christians who love  Jesus and worship Him as the Son of God and the only Saviour of the world but have not seen Him in dreams or face to face, as have these Muslims.
However what is interesting is that when these Muslims encounter Jesus in dreams or in apparitions like the apparitions of Our Lady to many Christians all over the world, these Muslims turn to a Protestant or evangelical Christian. 
I have not seen any Youtube video of Muslims, who have now changed their life style, coming to Jesus in a Catholic Church.Perhaps there are many there.But the Catholic Church prefers to keep it secret,or may be there is no more mission and evangelisation based on the four last things.Catholics are just not interested any more.Or so seem their religious leaders at the Vatican.
Where is the Catholic religious community or institution which says outside the Church there is no salvation (Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II) ? Or that Catholics are the new people of God, the Chosen People (Nostra Aeate 4,Vatican Council II) and that the Bible is Catholic and was put together by a Catholic Church Council.The Bible used by the Protestants is Catholic.The liturgy of the Protestants is Catholic. It was developed by the Pope during the time of Constantine.The Church Fathers of the Early Church and the Middle Ages were all Catholic.It was the Catholic who preserved the teachings and name of Jesus before the other Christians denominations came into history with their new doctrines and new teachings but with faith in Jesus.The Catholics have the Eucharist. They are a continuation of the Jewish religion.They have the Sacrifice in the Holy Mass, they have the tabernacle and the eternal Covenant made by the Jewish Messiah which is the final Covenant, among the many covenants God made with with Jewish People awaiting the Messiah. 
Yes it is true that all one needs to be saved is to believe in Jesus and to baptised with water, like Peter told the jailer and his family. However that jailer and his family then had to live in a community and follow the teachings of Jesus.This was before the Bible was put together.They had to avoid sin or they would have to be put out of the community until they did penance and repented.It was only then they would be allowed to be Christians again. So that jailer and his family would see his children grow and live in a Catholic community and then there was salvation for them.It is important that the new converts to Christianity know this.
The Early Christians were the Early Catholics. They believed in Jesus, they had a relationship with Jesus, they would attend the Catholic Mass, they would heed St.Paul's advice and not receive the Eucharist at Mass in sin.They were the Early Catholic Church which Jesus founded and outside of which there was no salvation.To be saved one had to be a member of this community, this Church.
The Catholic Church is not proclaiming this any more. They are not going out to the non Catholics as are the Protestants, Evangelicals and Pentecostals.Even the Jehovahs Witnessess who have an inadequate understanding of Jesus are better organised as an institution then are the Catholics, whose Popes  are following the Jewish Left.
It is the Protestant pastors who live at the level of the people, who are ready to risk taking in these new converts into their house and teaching them the faith. Most of the prisoners in jail for their faith in Muslim countries are pastors who do not belong to the Catholic Church.They speak about Jesus and they lead a simple life and this reminds us of what St. Louis Marie di Montfort had predicted for the future about these missionaries of the future time.Montfort also predicted that all the Mohammadens would be converted to Jesus.-Lionel Andrades

FEBRUARY 12, 2017

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