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There is a wrong inference as a theme in Vatican Council II , and the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate have to accept it : Catholic media silent

Imagine a major Church Council making a wrong inference as a theme. This was Vatican Council II.The secret is out and no one wants to talk about it.
In principle the Council Fathers assumed hypothetical cases were not hypothetcal Even Archbishop Lefebvre overlooked it.For him the invisible case of the baptism of desire was a known exception to the traditional interpretation of the dogma EENS.These mistakes are all over Vatican Council II . 
Now Pope Francis and Cardinal Braz de Avez want the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate to accept this version of Vatican Council II and no one is discussing it. The traditionalists are not discussing it and neither conservatives like Michael Voris and Nick Donnelly.

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There is an Italian priest on Gloria TV,Don Alessandro Minutella who refers to the Church being in a diabetic coma, but he himself will not discuss these issues or affirm the truth in public. 
Just imagine it, the Council Fathers, including Archbishop Lefebvre met and discussed so many things of the faith, and their conclusion, the Council text was based on bad philosophy, and non Catholic philosophical reasoning.This could not be work of the Holy Spirit.

There are  professors of philoosphy at the Legion of Christ university in Rome with whom I  have been in contact with. They will not answer basic questions and are telling each other to also not answer them.These are priests! They are afraid of losing their job.
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Even the Dean of Theology at UPRA Fr.Edward McNamara L.C will not comment. Neither will the new Dean of Theology, an American,comment on the philosophical error, which he is forced to teach by a magisterium in heresy.

They are all ignoring  a philosophical mistake which is there as a theme in Vatican Council II.It has created a new theology.It  makes Vatican Council II a rupture with the past.It is heretical.This is a bigger issue than Amoris Laetitia.We Catholics are not obliged to accept the heresy of the magisterium.Today they still choose the false premise when they have a rational option.
When this false theology is avoided the Council is no more a break with Tradition and is no more heretical.This leaves the magisterium with its irrational interpretation, still heretical.They are not willing to correct themself.
The traditionalists are not affirming this version of Vatican Council II and nor are the Catholic conservatives.

The cardinals and the popes are still interpreting Vatican Council II with this irrational premise which creates a non traditional conclusion.They seem unaware of the choice or they just want to maintain their status quo.

They are unaware that it is the present magisterium, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is in unbelievable heresy.Or they want to let it remain like this since it is acceptable to the political Left. 

Catholics could ask Cardinal Muller and Archbishop Di Noia to affirm Vatican Council II in harmony with the Feeneyite interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS). The cardinals, bishops and priests at the CDF will not do so!

The SSPX instead of pointing out the error and affirming the rational and traditional interpretation of Vatican Council II have chosen to quietly enter the Church. Rome can remain in error. It is not their concern.
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The Remant Forum does not want to affirm Vatican Council II without this error since then they would have to say all Muslims are on the way to Hell, without 'faith and baptism'(AG 7) and LG 16, LG 8, UR 3 etc are not known exceptions.They have a bank account to preserve and its not yet time to go underground.

Have you noticed that Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara never mention these points of faith. They protect themself. They criticize Pope Francis and speak in general and vaguely. It is expedient to say Vatican Council II is a break with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.It could be costly to say Vatican Council II is not a break with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. Since then the Left will notice that the Remnant is affirming Feeneyite EENS which says all non Catholics are on the way to Hell and they are affirming the Social Reign of Christ the King, based on Feeneyite EENS.

Similarly Rorate Caeili considers  it prudent to mention Vatican Council II being a break with Tradition but will not affirm Vatican Council II in harmony with the Syllabus of Errors and the dogma EENS.First comes the personal website and then comes the needs of the Church.Let someone else do it , is the attitude. 

It is the same with Michael Voris and Nick Donnelly.

The Vatican is asking the Franciscans of the Immaculate to affirm Vatican Council II with the irrationality as a theme. Michael Voris and Nick Donnelly already accept this version of Vatican Council II.

In fact Church Militant TV considers the SSPX to be in doctrinal error since like CMTV the SSPX does not affirm  Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) and pretend only the convenient and politically-safe Vatican Council II (Cushingite) exists.
They are all promoting heresy and error to protect their worldly interests.The Franciscans of the Immaculate and all religious communities will have to ignore the factual errors which are there in Vatican Council II as a theme since Catholics in the media do not  want to refer to it.So the magisterium and the political Left get away with it.
-Lionel Andrades

December 27, 2016

Imagine a major Church Council making wrong inferences as a theme. This was Vatican Council II.The secret is out and no one wants to talk about it

Pope Francis' doctrinal error is magisterial and being forced upon Franciscans of the Immaculate priests

February 6, 2017
Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Pope Francis and Cardinal Avez want you to accept heresy and mortal sin.Reject it.

February 4, 2017

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate protest against Pope Francis and Card.Avez's absurd and strange theology

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Muslims CONVERTING to christianity through dreams and visions of JESUS

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Muslims Arrest Four Christians And Torture Them In Jail, While This Is Happening Jesus Appears To One Of The Prison Guards And Asks Him ‘Why Are You Torturing My Children?’, The Guard Helps The Christians Escape And Now He Is A Christian Too

We’ve been reporting how God is moving in a mighty way in the Muslim world, and how it is so big that churches are expecting millions of converts. In another recent story, four Christians were arrested and while being tortured in prison, one of the guards assigned to them had not just one, but four visions of Jesus in which He asked him why His children were being tortured. The guard then not only helped the four Christians escape, but he too abandoned Islam and turned to Christ;
Two pastors and two new believers in the Middle East w9ho were sent to prison for their faith received favor from a jail officer whom Jesus visited four times in a dream.
The two pastors were reportedly giving Bible lessons to the two new believers when police barged into their room and beat them all before taking them into custody.
The new believers had started attending the underground church just six months before the arrest. The pastors were working with Bibles for Mideast, a ministry that operates in the Middle East, Asia and Africa by giving away Bibles, evangelizing the lost and planting churches.
Bibles for Mideast has helped establish 176 underground churches, 103 of which are in the Middle East. These churches have been turned over to the newly formed church called Assembly of Loving God.
The two pastors and the two new believers were charged with “blasphemy of the prophet” and “misguiding Muslims into a false religion.” They were found guilty in a sharia court.
When they were sent to prison, they were again brutally beaten for two days while their hands were tied to a steel bar and their backs were bent forward. The jailers gave them just one piece of a local bread called kuboos each day. The experience was agonizing.
One of the pastors said none of them thought they would still come out of prison alive and that they were already anticipating a death sentence. Yet, though they were tortured, they found comfort in remembering what Jesus went through and they began to confess, “The blood of Jesus is our victory!”
Bibles for Mideast, which was unable to get information regarding the condition of the four Christians since they were taken into custody, sent out an urgent call for prayer and fasting for the protection and release of the four Christians.
Unknown to them, God was already moving behind the scenes. On their third day in prison, the four Christians were visited by a high-ranking jail officer. He treated them well and ordered the jailer to untie their hands and give them good food. After that, he left and disappeared into his office.
The four Christian prisoners were baffled by the officer’s kind treatment.
“We thought, he came with a decision of finishing our life of this world. That’s why treating us like this,” one of the pastors said.
The officer came to their cell again in the evening — and surprised them all when he asked them to pray for him.
As it turned out, he had a dream about Jesus the previous week. The Lord visited him in a dream, appearing in glory and seated on a throne. Bright light surrounded Him, and millions of angels were at His bidding. Jesus raised His nail-pierced hand and showed it to the jail officer.
The officer had the same dream again the following night, and the night after that. His dreams drew him to know more about Jesus so he read about Him on the Internet.
The next evening, he had another dream. Jesus appeared to him once more and told him, “My children are being tortured in your jail. I leave them before you. My children are the apple of my eyes.”
That was when he decided to visit the jail and see the four believers. He stayed there three days, spending most of his time talking to them about Jesus. They shared the gospel to him and he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
The jail officer wrote an order to release the four Christians. It was initially rejected by the court, but it was finally granted after he filed an appeal. So all four of them were set free.
The officer invited them to his “cottage” in the prison upon their release, where they were given good food. He then requested that he be baptized. The two pastors baptized him along with the two new believers.
Then he took them in his car and drove them back to their homes. He encouraged them to continue their work for God and warned them to be careful.
The four believers were thankful to those who prayed for them.
“We thank for those who were fasting and praying for us,” one of the pastors said. “Our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy to be praised. All glory and honour to Him forever and ever!” (source)
Remember, as Jesus said, the harvest in plenty but the laborers are few, and nothing, no matter how desperate it seems, is impossible with God.


Putin enforces no salvation outside the Orthodox Church

Russia's Newest Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church

(UPDATE) Putin signs new restrictions that limit where and how Christians share the gospel.
The State Duma building in Moscow
Update (July 8): This week, Russian president Vladimir Putin approved a package of anti-terrorism laws that usher in tighter restrictions on missionary activity and evangelism.
Despite prayers and protests from religious leaders and human rights advocates, the Kremlin announced Putin’s approval yesterday. The amendments, including laws against sharing faith in homes, online, or anywhere but recognized church buildings, go into effect July 20.
Though opponents to the new measures hope to eventually appeal in court or elect legislators to amend them, they have begun to prepare their communities for life under the new rules, reported Forum 18 News Service, a Christian outlet reporting on the region.
Protestants and religious minorities small enough to gather in homes fear they will be most affected. Last month, “the local police officer came to a home where a group of Pentecostals meet each Sunday," Konstantin Bendas, deputy bishop of the Pentecostal Union, told Forum 18. "With a contented expression he told them: ‘Now they're adopting the law I'll drive you all out of here.’ I reckon we should now fear such zealous enforcement.”
“There are potentially very wide-sweeping ramifications to this law,” Joel Griffith of the Slavic Gospel Association said in a Mission Network News report. “It just depends on, again, how it is going to be enforced, and that is a very huge question mark.”