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I am sorry to say that theologically they (CMTV) reject the dogma outside the Church there is no salvation.
Michael has said on a CMTV program that not every one needs to be a card carrying member of the Church.
He means those who are saved in invincible ignorance or the baptism of desire are known cases saved without the baptism of water. So they are known exceptions to the dogmatic teaching on all needing to be formal members of the Church for salvation for him. So for him not every one needs to enter the Church.

He contradicts himself.

The same error is made in the teaching of Catholic schools children in Religion Class in Detroit and CMTV does not do a program on this.

Michael remains political correct with the Left on this issue since he interprets the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and Vatican Council II with Cushingism i.e there are known exceptions to EENS and they include the baptism of desire etc.

He remains in good standing with the Curia in Detroit. They also say not every one needs to be a card carrying member of the Church.Since there are exceptions.There are persons saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire and blood.In other words these are not hypothetical cases but living and known people, for them to be exceptions.

He is in step with the magisterium at the Vatican. They interpret Vatican Council II as a break with the interpretation of the dogma on exclusive salvation. For them LG 16 refers to known cases.It is the same also for Michael Voris and Simon Rafe.
If you say that LG 16 according to common sense refers to an invisble case, known only to God Simon Rafe would consider you anti-Catholic.

Without this irrationality, used in the interpretation of EENS and the Council, Vatican Council II(AG 7, LG 14) would be saying all Jews and Muslims need to formally convert into the Church to avoid Hell.Vatican Council II would be Feeneyite. This is something they want to avoid.
When Christine Niles on the program on extra ecclesiam nulla salus(Mic'd Up) read out the text of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, from Cantate Dominio, Council of Florence 1441, she skipped past the reference to the 'Jews'.She did not want to offend them.I think it is the same with Michael.
Christine_Niles_Micd_up_2015-05-15 at 8.01.42 PM
It was a good program by Christine and I hope she produces another such one. However she supported the position of the contemporary magisterium on the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 which she quoted. The Letter assumes the baptism of desire and being saved are not just hypothetical cases but actual living and known people. So they are inferred to be exceptions or relevant to the intepretation of the dogma according to Fr.Leonard Feeney. She approved the magisterial heresy.

-Lionel Andrades

What is the name of a Spiritual Director who uses Feneeyism as a theology in the Catholic Church and who inteprets Vatican Council II with Feeneyism Michael Voris?

Michael Voris does not say every one needs to be a card carrying member of the Church for salvation. For him there are exceptions.

So many thousands of Catholic students in Michigans Catholic schools have to interpret Vatican Council II with an irrationality and CMTV keeps quiet

CMTV and the Archdiocese of Detroit

April 21, 2015

Bishop Arturo Cepeda, Director of the Department of Evangelization, Catechesis and Schools,Detroit has no denial : he agrees an irrationality is taught to Catholic school children

School children in the Archdiocese of Detroit have to use an irrationality to interpret Vatican Council II

Michael Voris has compromised and wants the SSPX to do the same

Fr.John Zuhlsdorf and Michael Voris remain politically correct

Church Militant TV has missed the point.The doctrinal issue has still not been touched by Pope Francis

The truth can be costly even for Michael Voris

I interpret extra ecclesiam nulla salus like Fr.Michael Muller and Fr. Leonard Feeney since physically I cannot see, know or meet any exception to the dogma.


Like Fr.Michael Muller and Fr. Leonard Feeney I hold the traditionalist interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS).
There is no salvation outside the Church for me.
Since physically there cannot be any known salvation outside the Church, past or present.
here are no objective exceptions in 2016 to the interpretation of EENS according to these two priests.

'Secrets of Purgatory' grants a glimpse of afterlife - Michael H. Brown

'Secrets of Purgatory' grants a glimpse of afterlife
Part I
By Michael H. Brown
During Lent, while on the desert, we're left contemplating the afterlife, and in doing that we've taken a close look at a remarkable little booklet someone recently gave us called "The Secrets of Purgatory."
Although this rare little booklet, published in 1958, and now out of print, doesn't specifically describe how the revelation it contains occurred, it's subtitled "Reminiscences of a Soul in Purgatory." Is it the work of a mystic? Someone who glimpsed eternity? Or is it from a purgatorial soul?
We're not sure. All we know is that this booklet (not to be confused with a similar booklet, "An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory") is likewise filled with valuable insights. The author is anonymous but the booklet, once published in Illinois, bears the imprimatur of former Chicago Archbishop Samuel Cardinal Stritch.
What -- according to this revelation -- is purgatory like?
"Purgatory is a place of  mercy and of goodness," says the revelation. "Never would I have imagined that God is so infinitely good to the suffering souls. It is His tender mercy toward them which is and always was the greatest cause of astonishment to me. Nowhere have I seen merciful love pour itself out so freely as there. In that cleansing fire I have found the goodness and mercy of God as my soul sought it. It seems to me as if the soul asks God, 'May I live once more? Can I yet make amends?' Then God says: 'Yes, you are now entering the novitiate of Heaven. You must now suffer and expiate all your sins. Thereby you will be made pure.'"
It is with gratitude, with unending thankfulness -- says this revelation -- that a soul accepts its purgatory. "Truly it is a place of redemption where souls have gathered at the brink of the abyss," the pamphlet asserts. "It is the last place of refuge -- an invention of Merciful Love."
It is also a place of realization. There is the realization of how very good and loving God is -- and how often we spurned Him, how often we squander the opportunities He grants us.
In purgatory we see the missed opportunities.
All the goodness of the Lord is revealed.
"God is not severe, not cruel toward the poor souls, as many imagine Him to be," says the revelation, contained in 46 short pages. "No, He is good, full of compassion and love for them. It seems as if I hear throughout the whole realm of purgatory: 'Oh, how good, how very good is God! Would that we had known Him!'"
But it is also a place of blessed suffering. There is despair. There is the knowledge of Divine Love and the realization of their own obdurateness constitutes the greatest torment.
"The souls in purgatory are enveloped, as it were, in a thick shroud into which they have wound themselves while living here on earth," says the reputed revelation. "It is the garment of their own egoism. Their main care in this life was themselves, just as the world's highest ideal is self-glorification and honor. It is this which fashions that coarse garment through which the Light of God can hardly penetrate."
"Many souls on earth do not seriously ask themselves the question: 'Does my way of living please God?'" continues the old booklet. "Instead they think without anxiety that their life is upright and most praiseworthy, but they are mistaken."
In purgatory a soul sees its imperfections and that each soul is a mosaic in a great work that God has designed with little "stones" which are His graces. Each stone must be restored so that nothing in wanting in splendor. While it can be rough, "the longest purgatory is as nothing compared to the joys which these poor, suffering souls justly, expect in Heaven. No soul in purgatory is without consolation. The certainty that they suffer only to be everlastingly happy is the consolation of the poor souls."
As soon as they awaken in purgatory, the Light of God begins to purify and the souls grow more receptive to the benefits of prayers, Masses, and good works on their behalf, says the revelation. They realize that they are in dire need of God. They realize they didn't pay enough attention to Him. Even religious must be heedful. "Souls who were pious and devout on earth on account of the esteem they thereby received from men suffer the pains of purgatory for a long time," says the booklet. "I behold many souls in purgatory whose desire to become saints was motivated by self-will and self-love, or who devoted themselves assiduously to the interior life in order to please their confessors and spiritual directors, whose only motive was not God, but their own glorification, their own egoism, who performed deeds of penance in proud imitation of the saints, not in humility and repentance."
These are heavy words. We recommend re-reading the above paragraph. We recommend showing it to loved ones, priests, and friends. It is impossible, it says, for us to judge. The decisions of Divine Judgment are often totally different than ours! Often, it says, we think, "Oh, that soul is surely lost -- or at least buried deeply in purgatory," when in fact such a soul could be in Heaven. Or we think a soul is holy, surely in Heaven -- when in fact that soul is still being purified.

The safe route? The secure way to true piety?
Distrusting self, says the revelation; ridding worldly attachments; trusting Jesus only. "The burning desire to do everything just as Jesus wants it makes the soul pure and stainless," it says. "Those souls are quickest to enter heaven who quickly sense their sins, who are not obstinately taken up with their own self-conceit. Poor souls must become 'poor' in their inner self. Then they can understand our Savior better.
Those souls who were already poor in this life fare best. There are various states of suffering in that blessed state of purification, but inexplicable ones, beyond my description. I have noticed many things in purgatory which I almost dare not utter." Those who search for the Lord, who long for God here on earth, do their purgatory here and have the quickest route to heaven. Those who find delight with the Eucharistic Savior -- especially priests -- "need only to be sprinkled with the Precious Blood" and then are taken into Heaven.
When souls are allowed to reveal themselves through a sign, says the reputed revelation, "it is indeed a great grace and already a positive step for them; they emerge from the greatest darkness of night and approach the Light. Then they give Jesus more and more admittance into their souls. When we pray for the Poor Souls they are most grateful to us and pray for us in return. It is inexpressively beautiful to see a poor soul enter the realm of heaven. Oh, it is so awe-inspiring that one cannot behold this scene without shedding tears."
[Part II next: more 'secrets']

Extraordinary messages - Michael H. Brown

Extraordinary messages
by Michael Brown, Spirit Daily

Two major apparitions that began the same year had potent messages most relevant to our times. Though in remote outbacks, she said her messages were "for the whole world."

Start with this:
True joy comes in closeness with Christ.
Riches of spirit are the only real wealth. All else is fool's gold. So was a message from the Blessed Mother in eastern Africa.
It can't be said enough during this deceived, gilded time.
Poverty? Riches? At this site, Kibeho in Rwanda -- a Church-approved apparition that began in November 1981, in one of the poorest places on earth (chosen, said Mary, precisely because it was still pure) -- she explained why some who pay little or no attention to goodness, charity, and God often seem to do just fine, even magnificently so. Atheists can be celebrities, leaders, beauty queens, billionaires. Why is that? How?
"The devil places no obstacles," said Mary at Kibeho, "on the road to darkness."
We are confused, she said, at how "those who follow Jesus may receive poverty while those who don't may be rich."
But we must remember, she reminds us, that "they are rewarded only on this earth and one day will lose everything."

She warns against those "using deviousness to succeed."
"The one who takes the road to hell will walk with no difficulty, yet he will suffer once for all his evil, and this will last forever."
Find unity with God. Currently, said the Blessed Mother, we are "distracted by earthly goods and desires," though "time is short."
"Man is chasing the wind," she warned -- at this place of many forewarnings. "Some do not believe in Heaven. They say the only Heaven is on this earth. The only poverty is the lack of Grace that leads to the Lord."
It is a time of battle with the devil. Only with prayer and fasting is he driven off, she said. In fact "every attack from Satan," said Mary, can be warded off with prayer and sacrifice.
"The one who turns to God in this life can shorten and even avoid his time in purgatory," said the Virgin of the Word, as she is known there. "Each one of you must give an account of what was entrusted to you. Those who go to Heaven are those who struggled to get there."
The lives of priests and religious, she consoles, is "especially demanding and comprised of many difficulties." (Yet, more the potential for Grace.)
Image result for KIBEHO
"If the Son of God suffered in this world," asked Mary, "why would you try to escape your suffering? Stop clinging to all that is bothering you and depriving you of peace. In suffering, let there be joy. Blessed is the one who is an instrument for me. I will reward him with Heaven. All the trials he has to endure will end one day"

"There is no one who doesn't suffer in this world," she further explicated. "The poor man suffers because of his poverty, the rich man suffers because of the worries that come with his riches. How humans deceive themselves. We think, that person is so rich, but -- the person's soul is empty."
At we approach major changes, it is a "time of trials," she said in this hilly terrain west of Kigali -- soon to be a horrid war zone, a place of AIDS and genocide.
This is a totally Church-approved apparition, the sanction of authenticity announced from Rome itself (under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II and from Cardinal Ratzinger's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith).
Image result for KIBEHO
Ask for the strength and knowledge to understand what is expected from you; many want to reach Heaven but do not have the strength to ask. "I will teach you to pray," she promised, "from the bottom of your heart."

We must all care for each other, rich or poor, good or bad:"Be patient with all people, because God is patient with you. Don't work for the things of this world, since they do not belong to you."
"You are all taking the same trip, so help each other."
Each day do well what God has asked of you. Have faith in everything, even sickness!
"For those who have been declared 'incurable,' nothing is healthier than a soul at peace," said Mary, in a way a doctor can't. "There is no greater wealth than that of a pure heart." Trials and suffering help us pray better, explained the Virgin of Kibeho:"aim with your strength to the tree of life."
"You must love each other and not hold onto anger. A small seed of anger can grow into a great tree of hatred. Pardon those who have hurt you."
"Those who love to wear flashy clothes try to please men, but aim only to please God. Despite your beautiful clothes, you will always be naked before God. You who pride yourselves on beauty should humble yourselves. Your beauty comes only from God."
"One day soon God will take it all back."
"God has placed us on this earth to do His Will."
"The one who trusts in Me will lack nothing. Follow only one road, not two."
"I will acknowledge the one in Heaven who acknowledges Me on earth," said Jesus -- when He too allegedly appeared to a seer in Rwanda.
At Medjugorje -- in then-Yugoslavia (a Communist nation that jailed the seers, and which preceded Kibeho by several months, beginning June 24, 1981, though it is not yet approved by the Church), Mary has likewise said that this is a "special time" and warned: "You are creating a new world without God, only with your own strength, and that is why you are dissatisfied and have no joy in your hearts."
Think about it.
Take it to the desert.
Fasting is spiritual hygiene while lust is the thrust of the flesh
"I want you to comprehend," she said at Medjugorje, "that God has chosen each one of you in order to use you in His great plan for mankind. You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God's design. Therefore. dear children, pray, so that in prayer you may be able to comprehend what God's Plan is in your regard."
In a further comment on prayer, the Virgin of Kibeho said:"You must tell God yourself. Hold back nothing. God knows your every action and your every thought. But you must tell Him yourself -- all the transgressions of body, mind, and spirit. Ask for God's forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. If you seek it sincerely, He will forgive you. This way, my children, the sins you carry will not distract you. Pray to Him fervently. Fast for His blessing. Then you too must ask God to offer forgiveness to all those who have trespassed against you, all who have given you suffering or insult or injury and ask God to bless them and help them. Your prayers have no meaning if they do not come from the depths of your heart. When you lack the strength to pray, pray for my help and I will offer you strength."

The fruit of prayer is love; the fruit of love  is forgiveness; the fruit of forgiveness, she has said, is peace.-Michael H. Brown

Joseph Shaw removes comments: John Lamont prudently avoids the issue

Joseph Shaw and John Lamont have decided not to address these blog posts which had been posted as comments on the LMS Chairman Blog and the blog Musings of a Pertinacious Papist.
John Lamont had commented on the blog Musings of a Pertinious Papist on another issue but when I mentioned that the ecclesiology he teaches is approved by the Masons and of course the Archbishop of Sydney he has no comment.I was referring to specific theology and reasoning which he uses.
I have also mentioned in reports on my blog that John Lamont, like Joseph Shaw and Thomas Pink depend on permission from the local bishop to teach theology.This permission is only given to Catholics with an academic degree in theology who assume hypothetical cases mentioned in Vatican Council II refer to not hypothetical cases, but explicitly visible cases, seen in the flesh. So then Vatican Council II becomes a break with the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and Trradition in general. There is then a break with the teaching on the Social Kingship of Christ the King and the need for a non separation of Church and State.Since if there is known salvation outside the church why do non Catholics need to be formal members of the Church? Why should all political systems have at their centre formal entry into the Catholic Church? Every one does not need to be Catholic to be saved...
John Lamont does not state that he agrees with me perhaps since it would be opposed by the political Left which also decides which theology the traditionalist theologians will teach.If states he disagrees with me he would have to be specific as a theologian.
He would have to continue with the falsehood, saying there are known cases in 2016 of non Catholics saved without the baptism of water.He would also have to say that the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance refer to known cases, seen in the flesh. So these alleged exceptions for him would contradict the  dogmatic teaching which says all need to be formal members of the Church. He cannot maintain this irrationality and criticise me for not accepting it.He would also have to admit that Archbishop Lefebvre and the traditionalists at the time of the formation of the SSPX, made a factual error.He is not going to say all this. He will continue to hide information about the irrationality.Instead he will also continue to teach it.
Lamont, Shaw and Pink teach this irrationality to stay in their profession.
Here is Rome the same irrationality is taught by Fr.Giordano Bruno in ecclesiology classes at the Pontifical University of St.Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum).Fr.Bruno is the new head of the Human Life International, Rome and offers the Traditional Latin Mass.
Similarly Joseph Shaw does not want to affirm the traditional  teaching on salvation which is also rational.Instead he uses Cushingism which is a break with Tradition.
So Joseph Shaw has removed all my comments on his blog LMS Chairman,which were there for a day.He is not going to address the issue on behalf of the FIUV or the LMS.So this is his approach to this problem in theology related to the 'ancient liturgy'. 
There are comments by John Lamont  too on LMS Chairman but he would prudently not comment on my comment. It is business as usual for both these Catholic theologians.
They support the liberal positions of their bishops on this issue and wrongly suggest that  this innovation was part of the old ecclesiology of the Latin Mass.
The photos usually posted on the LMS Chairman blog, by Prof. Joseph Shaw,  are those of the Latin Mass being offered by priests, and attended by lay persons, who all interpret Vatican Council II with an irrational premise which creates a new ecclesiology,different from centuries past, when the same Mass was offered by the popes and saints.
-Lionel Andrades

The FIUV has been of no help to the Fischer More College and the Franciscans Friars of the Immaculate
FIUV representing the ancient liturgy could interpret Vatican Council with Feeneyism instead of Cushingism

Joseph Shaw removes comments