Saturday, December 27, 2014

They would also be at odds with the ecclesiastics at Ecclesia Dei,Vatican who interpret Vatican Council II with an irrationality and then base their theology upon this irrationality.

Mr. Andrades: You have asked me to comment on the link. The link was not properly supplied, but I found the posting on your blog.
While we take exception to some of the contents of Redemptoris Missio,Dominus Iesus, and, especially, the Marchetti-Selvaggiani Letter based on the perennial magisterium of the Church, I do not accept your line of argumentation, which accuses the authors of those documents of "assuming the dead now in Heaven are physically visible to us." This is facile reasoning. It would also set up a straw man for our opponents to knock down quite easily.

The St.Benedict Center also takes exceptions to 
some parts of Vatican Council II but in general
 accepts the Council and also the 'rigorist
 interpretation' of extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
This is because they assume that there are
 explicit cases mentioned in the Council
 (LG 16 etc) which contradict the dogma.
The Council is really in harmony with the 
rigoroust interpretation of the dogma extra 
ecclesiam nulla salus according to the 
St.Benedict Centers in the diocese
 of Manchester and Worcester,USA.

Since LG 16, UR 3, NA 2 etc refer to invisible 
 cases they can be accepted as 
possibilities, followed by the baptism 
of water. This is the theological approach 
of Brother Andre Marie MICM with
 respect to the baptism of desire.
So the Council is really not ambiguous
 but traditional It is in harmony with the
 Syllabus of Errors and extra ecclesiam
 nulla salus.
But the St.Benedict Centers do not know
However if they said that Vatican Council 
II does not contradict extra ecclesiam nulla 
salus they would be at odds with the bishops 
of Manchester and Worcester. Even the
 priests who offer the Traditional Latin  
Mass at their chapels assume there are 
explicit exceptions to the dogma mentioned
 in Vatican Council II.
So this is the conflict in which they will enter. 
They would also be at odds with the 
ecclesiastics at Ecclesia Dei,Vatican 
who interpret Vatican Council Ii with
 an irrationality and then base
 their theology upon this irrationality.
Tough situation!
-Lionel Andrades