Monday, August 11, 2014

Fr.Fidenzio Volpi, Fr.Alfonso Bruno go underground : no comment still

I affirm Vatican Council II ( without the irrational premise), I affirm extra ecclesiam nulla salus according to the Church Councils. I affirm an implicit for us baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance.Can the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate do the same? Would this be enough for them to offer the Traditional Latin Mass and have their teaching facilities restored?
With this interpretation of magisterial documents they would  not be denying Vatican Council II and neither rejecting Tradition.There would be a hermeneutic of continuity.Since they would not be using the visible-dead-who- are-exceptions premise.NA 2,LG 16,LG 8,UR 3 etc would refer to implicit for us cases.So there would be no exceptions in Vatican Council II to extra ecclesiam nulla salus.Vatican Council II would not contradict the Catechism of Pope Pius X or the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX.
A Catholic no more has to be a 'crypto Lefebvrist' or a sedevacantist to affirm the Syllabus of Errors, the Catechism of Pope Pius X and the dogma on exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church.
However there has been no comment on this issue from Fr.Fidenzio Volpi the Apostolic Commissioner, of the Franciscans of the Immaculate and Fr.Alfonso Bruno, the Secretary General. These blog posts have been sent to them.
Can they both affirm Vatican Council II  as I do?
Can a priest of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate offer the Traditional Latin Mass since he affirms Vatican Council II without the irrational premise
and continues to reject Vatican Council II with the false premise in the
-Lionel Andrades

Unethical practise at Dominican Educational Instituions

The University of St.Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum),Rome,the Aquinas Institute of Theology,USA and other Dominican Study Centers are promoting a lie.
Even after being informed they are selling a falsehood.
Dominican priests and sisters are telling a lie to Catholic students and to those of  other religions. They are being told that the Church teaches that there are non Catholics  who are defacto saved without 'faith and baptism', in the present times. These cases in 1984 are visible exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. This is inferred, by the Dominicans who allegedly who can see the deceased on earth saved with Catholic Faith and the baptism of water.
Dominican university faculties which include Leftist Jews, reject the centuries old teaching on outside the Church there is no salvation, as taught by St.Dominic, St.Catherine of Siena, the Church Councils, popes and saints.
With this lie, of being able to see exceptions on earth in 2014, they reject Vatican Council II (Ad Gentes 7). Ad Gentes  7 says all need faith and baptism for salvation. Ad Gentes  7 is placed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church under the title outside the church there is no salvation.
So this is the superficial false image presented by the Dominicans.
It is common knowledge that we cannot see the dead. It's false for the Dominicans to imply that we humans do see the dead in general.
This is unethical. The chaplains at the Angelicum for example, instead of admiring the fault do not want to talk about this issue.
They call all this theology.So the ordinary Catholic does not know what they mean.The ordinary person does not know that this is a sin.To lie is to sin.
This falsehood is supported by the local bishops who give them the mandatum to teach.
The Dominicans  do not deny that they are telling a lie even after being informed.They do not deny that they are officially  promoting a falsehood in Dominican instituions.
To lie academically is unethical. It is also an illegal offence in  some countries.
A student  can ask the rector of the Dominican instituion if it  is it true that they are teaching that the dead now saved in Heave are physically visible to us on earth?
He would answer  "No".
Then if it is asked do you infer that those  saved with the baptism of desire and in  invincible ignorance (LG 16) are known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus?
The Dominican would answer "YES".
"These cases are invisible to us and cannot  be exceptions?" it could be asked of them.
"Yes. They are invisible for us", the Dominicans would answer.
So invisible cases being visible would  contradict the traditional  teaching on all needing the baptism of water for salvation?
"Yes", the Dominican would answer.
So you infer that the dead are visible exceptions to  extra ecclesiam nulla salus?
Is this  rational?
"This is  what we teach."
So you do not deny that  you infer the dead are visible?
"We infer this in our interpretation of  magisterial documents".
Is this not unethtical? Is it not a lie?
"We are expected to teach this by our Superiors."
So at all Dominican Instituions the ordinary way of salvation is not 'faith and baptism'(AG 7) but being saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire?
"So you believe this is the Catholic Faith now. It has been changed.?"
"Yes".The Dominican would answer. 
-Lionel Andrades