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Security is an impediment to living the Faith- Jesuit priest

 Sandro Barlone
Fr.Sandro Barlone S.J a professor at the  Pontifical Gregorian University Rome, today evening remarked on how security could be an impediment to the faith-life. He was delivering the homily at a church in Rome.
It was a passing comment in a homily at which I had 'tuned off'.
He briefly also mentioned St.Ignatius of Loyola and the Spiritual Exercises which he possibly conducts while denying the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.Extra ecclesiam nulla salus according to St.Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuit saints and missionaries, is in accord with Vatican Council II (AG 7) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (846 Outside the Church No Salvation).Possibly he denies this for reasons of security which becomes an impediment to proclaiming the doctrines of the Catholic Faith.
For reasons of 'security' the Rector at the Gregorian University and Fr.Bryan Lobo S.J are teaching the 'theology of religions'.This is heretical.
For reasons of 'security' during the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI this Jesuit University in Rome held a conference on Teilhard di Chardin.
For reasons of 'security' a professor at the Gregorian University has put forward a theology of the holocaust? Even when this subject cannot be discussed freely and could result in  criminal charges ?
For reasons of 'security' Fr.Barlone would not respond to my e-mails and affirm the Catholic Faith. He was not willing to affirm Vatican Council II in agreement with extra ecclesiam nulla salus and he was distributing the Eucharist and offering Holy Mass today .You deny a defined dogma, change the Nicene Creed and reinterpret Vatican Council II using an irrational inference and offer Mass as if there is no sin.
Fr.Barlone mentioned the infer faith prayers held recently at the Vatican and I thought to myself ,that,  for reasons of security Pope Francis also did not canonize Pope Pius XII.He also  received 'instructions' to canonize Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI.Many of our Holy Father's statements have assured him of his security and that of the Vatican .
Fr.Barlone was speaking in the context of the Gospel Reading .It was about the parable of the sower.Some lost the Word, they lost the Faith because of worldly concerns and security.
Worldly concerns are preventing the Jesuit priests at the Gregorian University from saying that the Jewish Left visiting professors at the Cardinal Bea Centre for Jewish Studies, are oriented to Hell ( Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II, Catechism of the Catholic Church 845,846,Dominus Iesus 29 etc).The homily was a disconnect with the activity at the Gregorian and other pontifical universiities now under 'foreign control' for 'security reasons'.
Fr.Barlone and the other Jesuits professors are safe from the threat of legal action through anti Semitism and other leftist laws. If push comes to a shove they will deny the Catholic Faith ( they are already doing so) to protect themself.They will say 'We do not affirm the dogma on exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church in accord with Vatican Council II. We teach that there are defacto known cases in 2014 of non Catholics saved in invincible ignorance (LG 16), a ray of the Truth(NA 2) etc.These are visible, seen in the flesh cases for us Jesuits.So they are exceptions to all needing the baptism of water for salvation.'
This is security! This is why so many Catholics needed Cardinal Carlo Martini S.J . The former Rector at the Gregorian University allowed Catholics the security of their jobs in an hostile leftist environment.They were encouraged to deny their faith and were assured that they were still Catholics and were  going to Heaven. Cardinal Martini's life and death were extolled by the Jewish Left leaders in Italy,. Many of them are directly responsible for the security of the Roman pontifical universities, like the Jesuit one in Rome.

Baptism of Desire cannot be a visible exception to EENS, since we cannot see the dead - Cantarella, CathInfo traditional forum

Traditional Catholic forum - message board for Catholics
Jehanne, a friend, has begun a thread on the forum CathInfo titled For Lionel, Is Baptism of Desire a visible exception to EENS?
I was happy to see that one person, Cantarella understood what I am saying and agrees with me.She saw the only rational option.This is the beauty of the Catholic Faith. It is like mathematical precision and I love the way things fall into place.Reason complements faith.

1) Someone who dies without the character of Baptism but in a state of sanctifying grace is a "visible exception" to EENS.
This is a hypothetical case and so cannot be an explicit exception to Extra Eccleisam Nulla Salus (EENS).
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2) Someone who dies without the character of Baptism but in a state of sanctifying grace is not a "visible exception" to EENS.
It is a hypothetical case and is not personally known, or visibly seen in 2014. So it cannot be an exception to all needing Sacramental Baptism in 2014 for salvation. We cannot meet a hypothetical case in daily life. The persons saved with the baptism of desire are known only to God.
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3) All salvation is invisible, at least in an absolute sense, except, perhaps, for those whom the Church has canonized. While the living members of the Church are visible, those who are truly in a state of grace are invisible, that is, we cannot know, in an absolute sense, who they are or even if we are in that group or not. All that we can have is moral certainty, and even assurance, if we receive the Sacraments fruitfully.
Even those whom the Church has canonised are not physically visible to us on earth.We accept them as saints in faith. They are not exceptions to all needing 'faith and baptism' in 2014 for salvation.Possibilities accepted in faith are not known, objective, visible in the flesh on earth, exceptions to EENS. This would be irrational reasoning.
Baptism of Desire cannot be a visible exception to EENS, since we cannot see the dead.

Therefore, what it has been revealed to us is that all are required to formally enter into the Catholic Church for salvation. No exceptions.

That much we know.
I agree with her 100%.
She is thinking clearly.


We have the Roman Martyrology, though, which seems to imply that individuals ended their lives without sacramental Baptism and yet in a state of grace:
In 2014 we do not know any one who is declared a martyr as such, or who is going to be declared a martyr.So the baptism of blood is not an explicit exception to EENS in 2014. I cannot meet someone on the streets of Rome whom I know is going to be a martyr and so does not have to enter the Catholic Church formally, for salvation.
The Catholic Church is visible by definition; consequently, there's no such thing as "invisible" salvation. That's heretical.
All those who are saved and are now in Heaven are not physically visible to us on earth. This is the experience of most people. It is common knowledge.

Also, as soon as you start speaking of "exceptions", you reduce Baptism to necessary by necessity of precept.
Necessity of means and necessity of precept are theological concepts. They are theoretical, hypothetical cases for us human beings.It is God only who can judge who has necessity of precept and means.
We do not know of a single case as such on earth. So these cases are irrelevent to EENS. Maybe Cardinal Marchetti-Selvaggiani did not realize this when he issued the Letter of the Holy Office 1949.You keep waddling from one error to another, as all BoDers do.

If you believe in BoB/BoD, then you have to say that people receive the Sacrament in voto and that the Sacrament still acts as instrumental cause of their salvation.
This is theology. Is this theology built on the premise of BOB/BOD being physically visible to us ; known in personal cases on earth? This decides if it is an exception to the traditional interpretation of EENS.Otherwise what Ladislaus has mentioned above is theoretical, hypothetical, acceptable in faith.
-Lionel Andrades