Sunday, May 4, 2014

March for Life Rome 2014: Sign of Hope

Marcia per la vita in piazza a Roma contro l'aborto

I joined up behind St.Mary Major's basilica.
The abortion pictures I once affixed on carton boards found outside the shops of Rome, and which I paraded on the streets of Rome, were on display, low key, in today's March for Life.
The effectiveness of the Internet!. Hat tip to the Center for Bio Ethical Reform, USA -and of course Fr.Frank Pavone.There was a young man from Brescia who was displaying these photographs of late term abortions.It did not have the approval of others in his group. They were a large group and were moving slowly behind a banner at the rear end of the March.
I usually walk alone praying my rosary. This year an Italian lady,Mara, walked up to me and asked me  if I would like to sign a petition against a bad law in Italy. It is responsible for the legal death of millions of Italian babies. I signed it.
I handed her one of my pamphlets and I explained my work.She was interested in the life of Blessed Karl of Austria a very holy man, who loved all people, she said, including the Muslim heretics whom he converted.There were Muslims participating in this Walk for Life, I noticed at St. Peter's Square. At the Angelus, Pope Francis observed that today's Marcia per La Vita was International and ecumenical ( it was so even during the last two years in which I attended). 

Last year a pro life Mayor participated in the March for Life.The new Mayor, Marini, approves the killing of Italian babies in the womb of their mother.He was lucky that his mother was not pro-abortion like him. 

We believe babies who are aborted go to Limbo and we can hope that Limbo is more like Heaven and less like Hell. However we know for sure that the pro abortion and pro homosexuality Mayor is going to Hell, which is not  anything like Limbo. 

The leftists say that we can never be sure anyone is going to Hell.But I am dead sure that the Mayor ( who was probably there in the March for Life 2014)  is going to the fires of Hell for all eternity. I say this based on the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church. These teachings reflect objective reality which does not change even if the present pope tries to change it and the next pope reverts to the original and so on and so forth.These are the teachings of Pope John Paul II and the popes before him.That's final for me! 

Even the Protestants and non Catholics participating in the rally are going to the same place Marini is heading for, if he dies immediately. I say this based on Vatican Council II (AG 7) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church(846). I was telling Mara that this is what Blessed Karl also believed. 

There were many Americans there today morning.There was a festive air among some groups. Others prayed the rosary. 

Over  100,000 Italian babies are aborted annually and the Italian politicians allow it.
The politicians are expected to approve same sex marriages. Then the Catholic Church will be asked to solemnise these marriages which cannot produce any children. 

This is the culture of death, it is pro- Eternal Death.To be alive in this culture would mean to be living in some form of sin.All this evil will draw the anger of God in different ways. The pope called for prayers for Ukraine  and an incident in Afghanistan.
Today mornings March for Life was like a small candle lit in a grand dark hallway. It was a sign of hope. It was telling me there are some people who still are pro-life, pro-natural law, pro-God and pro-hope for a future in which people obey the commandments of God. 

It is interesting to observe though how so many organisers of this March for Life are afraid to affirm the Catholic dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus in agreement with Vatican Council II (AG 7).It is easy for them to be against abortion and contraception in public.It is very difficult for them to say outside the Church there is no salvation. I will spare them their names here. 

Just as an organiser of the pro life rally will not affirm there being exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church, the leftists ask to be exempted from supporting the Church's teaching on abortion and contraception.Today Marini was to visit a church in Rome,  Santa Maria della Fiducia!
The next time you listen to a pro-life Catholic saying euthanasia is evil ( and he is correct of course) ask him if he affirms exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church in 2014.(CCC 846, Dominus Iesus 20, Catechism of Pope Pius X, extra ecclesiam nulla salus etc.).When  a Catholic  does not affirm the dogma on salvation, then he  will  believe that even non Catholics  in general are going to Heaven (salvation outside the Catholic Church) even though there religions permit abortion and contraception. The organisers must affirm that there is no known salvation outside the Catholic Church and we do not know the case of any one saved in invincible ignorance, the baptism of desire, seeds of the Word etc.Extra ecclesiam nulla salus is linked to a Catholic's understanding of abortion and contraception.
-Lionel Andrades