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This is stupidity on the University of Bristol website and Baroness Hale is not acknowledging it

The Chancellor of the University of Bristol is the  Baroness Hale of Richmond Lady Hale .She became one of the UK's 12 Law Lords in January 2004 - the only woman ever to hold such a position.In 1984, Brenda Hale became the youngest person and the first woman ever to be appointed to the Law Commission.She was appointed a Queen's Counsel in 1989, a High Court judge in 1994 (the first to be appointed from academia) and a Lady Justice of Appeal in 1999 - only the second woman to reach that position.She has worked closely with University of Bristol academics on family law, child protection and other socio-legal matters. The University made her an honorary Doctor of Laws in 2002.She also does not answer mail.Neither does her office have the courtesy of acknowlging having received mail.

There are no acknowldlgements of an error on the promotional video of the University of  Bristol. Even after being informed there are no corrections or apologies.

Prof.Gavin D'Costa  is  providing false information on what is the teaching of the Catholic Church, even after being informed.The University of Bristol is suppressing information about the Catholic Church.It is also providing incorrect information. No one at the university is commenting on this issue. Even the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor are not correcting the lie on the university video.
The issue is not whether Prof.Gavin D'Costa can have an opinion or profess a personal religious belief. The issue is (1) how can the professor of theology infer that the dead (now saved in Heaven) are visible to us on earth and so are an exception to the traditional Catholic teaching which says all need to enter the Church for salvation and (2) how can he suggest that there is text in Vatican Council II which states or indicates that the deceased-saved are visible to us or are exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus. In both cases he is asserting a falsehood. Firstly he cannot name any one saved without 'faith and baptism'(AG 7) in 2014.Secondly he cannot cite any text in Vatican Council II which states there are explicit exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus or the traditional Catholic teaching on other religions and salvation. So what he has said is ridiculous!
It is not a question of one theology or another .The issue is : can a Catholic professor of theology at the University of Bristol teach something which is contrary to common sense and then cite text in Vatican Council II which does not support his irrationality ?
On the university video on the university website the Catholic theology professor Gaven D'Costa states, states like the bishops of England and Wales on their website, that  every one does not need to enter the Catholic Church for salvation since there could be exceptions saved with 'seeds of the Word', or 'a ray of that Truth', implying that these cases are visible to him in the U.K, so they are exceptions.This is a basic philosophical issue. How can someone be an exception to all needing to enter the Church for salvation, when that person does not exist in our reality ? For someone or something to be an exception it must not only be different but it must exist. When there are no cases of someone saved with 'a ray of that Truth'(NA 2) or 'seeds of the Word'(AG 11) or 'elements of sanctification and truth'(LG 8) then how can Gavin D'Costa consider them exceptions to the traditional interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. How can he imply that Vatican Council II contradicts extra ecclesiam nulla salus ? He cannot personally name any exception in 2014.
This is stupidity on the university video and Baroness Hale is not acknowledging it.
Students studying theology at the university have to accept this irrational premise of there being explicit exceptions and then build a new theology on salvation and other religions and claim it is the teaching of the Catholic Church. When students accept this irrationality of being able to see the dead on which is built a fantasy theology they are eligible to get a B.A degree.
No one from the university has responded to queries to explain their educational policy on this subject. This is not an issue of different opinions or theologies but of an irrational premise be accepted intellectually as being rational. Then the university claims that this is the teaching of the Catholic Church after Vatican Council II. There is no response from the Chancellor's office or that of the Vice Chancellor. Neither are any of the professors who teach theology responding. Even Lady Hale does not want to  admit a mistake has been made and this is an injustice against Catholics.

The university is promoting a falsehood and no one can deny it. Since no where in Vatican Council II is it stated that there are known exceptions to the traditional teaching on other religions and salvation as D'Costa alleges.Nostra Aetate  2 does not mention any defacto, known cases saved with a 'ray of that Truth'.
-Lionel Andrades
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Unilateral recognition by Rome of the SSPX, not be asked to sign anything ?

The news is that the modernists in Rome are offering to the Society a « recognition by tolerance » without the need for any formal agreement or signed document such as raised within the SSPX so much opposition to a deal with Rome in the spring and early summer of 2012. Here is the essence of how the Society's Second Assistant, Fr. Alain Nély, expressed it, with enthusiasm, to two members of religious Orders three months ago : « The solution for the SSPX will be its unilateral recognition by Rome...we will not be asked to sign see how things evolve...we shall see. »
To prevent such a revelation from spreading, the Society's Superior General wrote to the two religious concerned that they had misunderstood Fr. Nély's remarks because there was no kind of « agreement » in view. Of course not. Therein lies the cunning of the proposed « recognition » without signature. It will allow numbers of SSPX priests to pretend that nothing will have changed so that they can continue their ministry just as before. Thus, as reported, Bishop Fellay himself recently told SSPX seminarians in Zaitzkofen : « There is no question of signing any agreement, etc., etc.» However, ten minutes later, « But if Rome proposes a recognition of tolerance for us, that's a different matter, that would be very good. »

P.Stefano Manelli : il "regalo" del Commissario P. Volpi per l '81°compleanno

P.Stefano Manelli : il "regalo" del Commissario P. Volpi per l '81°compleanno

(ANSA) - NAPOLI, 2 MAG - Religioso non può visitare tomba padre Padre Manelli fondatore Ffi, bloccato da Commissario Ordine.
Al fondatore dei Frati Francescani dell' Immacolata, Padre Stefano Maria Manelli, 81 anni, è stato vietato dal Commissario apostolico dell'Ordine, Fidenzio Volpi, di recarsi il 1 maggio a Frigento (Avellino) per visitare la tomba dei genitori, riconosciuti dalla Chiesa come Servi di Dio e celebrare una Messa.
Lo ha reso noto l' avvocato Bruno Lucianelli.
Il divieto sta provocando forti reazioni.
Alcuni fedeli stanno valutando una denuncia alla Corte europea dei diritti dell' uomo”.
© Copyright ANSA

Il compleanno di Padre Stefano Maria Manelli, , uomo di grande Fede, sacerdote esemplare, infiammato di amore per l’Immacolata, la Santa Chiesa ed il Papa è stato il 1 maggio, primo giorno del mese mariano.
In molti odiano P.Manelli e l'Ordine dei Francescani dell'Immacolata, ricco di vocazioni, perché quei Consacrati e quelle Consacrate vivono di carità volgendo lo sguardo solo a Colui che è stato trafitto sulla Croce per la nostra salvezza.
La cocciuta ricerca di santificazione, nella semplicità e nella povertà di altri tempi, dei Frati e delle Suore Francescani dell'Immacolata che attingono la loro alta spiritualità dal Serafico Padre San Francesco e da San Massimiliano Maria Kolbe, fa infuriare, con odio quasi diabolico, tutti quelli che vorrebbero trascinare i Consacrati verso la voragine della sterilissima e nirea mondanità, anticamera della dissoluzione spirituale della Chiesa attraverso il solito iper - ossequio alla modernità fatto di adeguamenti e di aggiornamenti ...
Disprezzando dunque le mode effimere e passeggere i frati dell'Immacolata ( come il popolino ama chiamarli ) sono ossequiosi del Magistero autentico della Chiesa di sempre senza giammai cadere nelle trappole della spettacolarizzazione della vita religiosa.
Preghiamo per l’anziano uomo di Dio P.Stefano Manelli affinchè la sua sofferenza, obbedientemente accettata nel più assoluto riserbo, riceva la consolazione dalla Madonna Santissima Immacolata; in questo mese mariano abbiamo però il dovere di pregare cristianamente anche per i persecutori di P.Manelli , pochi e piccoli uomini in cerca di visibilità , perchè il Signore Risorto faccia loro riscoprire la vera via nella gioia e nella carità dell’amore fraterno.

Foto : Un giovane studente romano si è recato ad ossequiare P.Manelli nel giorno del suo compleanno.

If Muslims Take Power, They Will Make The Lives Of Christians Into A Living Hell

If Muslims Take Power, They Will Make The Lives Of Christians Into A Living Hell
By Theodore Shoebat and Keith Davies
If Muslims ever take power, they will make the lives of Christians into a living hell. That is a guarantee. How are we so certain of this? Just look to Pakistan where Islamic jurisprudence is the governing system over the people, and you will see my point.
Every Christian living under Islamic tyranny in Pakistan can attest to this. Their lives are a living hell under the Muslims. Rifqat Masih is a Christian from Pakistan and his testimony is amongst the greatest evidences for this reality. He and his family were attacked, and were sent life threatening letters from the Taliban which stated that they had to convert to Islam. Rifqat was attacked by Muslim gangs who beat him and oppressed him.
The evil of the Muslims was so great that when he and his family left their home, the jihadists would follow them around, keeping track of their movements, and not only this, but his three sons and one daughter were prevented from going to school for two years because of this wicked conspiring toward Christians.
Rifqat Masih recounted how he was told by three Islamic religious leaders (called Moulanas or Mullahs) that if he and his family did not convert to Islam they would be killed:
Initially three Moulanas who belong to Taliban approached us and threatened [us] to accept Islam otherwise they will kill us.
But Rifqat was not utterly hopeless; for our organization, Rescue Christians, delivered him from his tormenters and sent him to Thailand, where we have established a new refuge center for persecuted Christians. We will soon be uniting the rest of his family with him.
Here is a video of Rifqqat recalling the living hell he and his family had to endure, and how Rescue Christians delivered him from Muslim tyranny:

Having set up in Thailand a new hiding place, we will be rescuing more people. But we cannot do so without your help. Please click here to make a donation to save more Christians from this tyranny.
Our partners in Pakistan and Asia have secured permanent status in Thailand from the Thai authorities for the Rescue Christian operation to service the needs of Christians who are need of sanctuary and aid. Thailand is a secular moderate country that is against all religious extremism and has granted permanent status to our team leader and we expect along with the cooperation of the churches and their leaders to have permanent status for Christian fellowship to be used as a community center and safe haven for genuine persecuted Christian victims within them next two weeks.
In Thailand there are over eight thousand Pakistani Christians with no more than a few hundred who are actual genuine cases of persecution. We have been negotiating with the UNHCR based on our expertise on the ground in Pakistan as well as our comprehensive vetting process to weed out the genuine cases from the fraudulent ones. This will help the UNHCR to grant speedy refugee status to the real victims as well as rid Thailand of the fake cases, which are a major impediment to the real problem of the persecuted as well as a major nuisance to the Thai authorities. The churches in Thailand are also plagued with fraudsters begging from them, but they are not victims at all and should be returned to Pakistan as they came to Thailand on a false premise of “persecution.”
Even in Pakistan we have to deal with unscrupulous people who use the victims as pawns as a way of generating income. We have previously reported on the Vulture Bishops. The recent case of the rape of a 7 year old Christian girl was presented to us by an extortionist, the case was genuine but this low life demanded money from us to offer the case to us in order to provide help. We rejected this attempted extortion and we were able to contact the family directly ourselves who were relieved to be able to receive our aid. We will report more on this case next week as full details come to light on what we need to do to help the family. This is an especially horrific case.
Rescue Christians works with its team of partners on the ground in Pakistan, in two years we have saved or helped over 1000 persecuted Christians, please donate so we can save thousands more. Your donation is fully tax deductible

Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?

Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?

March for Life in Rome tomorrow

March for Life - Rome May 4th 2014

Tens of thousands expected for Italy's March for Life

Bishop Campbell gives Eucharist to pro same sex marriage politicians, does not affirm exclusive salvation in accord with Vatican Council II and then says Donnelly's are causing division

Bishop Michael Campbell, the bishop of Lancaster England, gives the Eucharist to pro same sex marriage politicians, does not  affirm the dogma on exclusive salvation in accord with Vatican Council II and says the Donnelly's are causing division
In a statement (1)  he has said that he has not closed the  Protect the Pope blog but still does not  permit Deacon Nick Donnelly from posting on the blog.
For political reasons the bishop gives the Eucharist to Catholic politicians in mortal sin and is offended when this issue was discussed on Protect the Pope.No one from the diocese commented.
The bishop who has stayed clear of anti-Semitism and other leftist laws and has supported the agenda of the one world religion people is now faulting Nick and Martina Donnelly  for affirming the Catholic Faith.

According to the Protect the Pope discussions ACTA is active and unchecked in the diocese and Enda Kenny is not corrected. Instead Nick is accused of being divisive ( the political left term for orthodox Catholics).Heresies are proclaimed in courses for Catholic religion teachers in England according to Patrick Lawler, one of the blog contributors.There was no denial from Bishop Campbell on this issue.
Bishop Campbell represents the magisterium's break with traditional Catholic teaching including the Catechism of the Catholic Church of Pope John Paul II (CCC 846) and Vatican Council II (Ad Gentes 7).
This October after a conference on the family at the Vatican, the 'magisterium' is expected to discard major Catholic teachings and it will be said to be the 'magisterium of the people'. Bishop Campbell is already supporting  the principal anti Catholic lobbies, who have created division in the Church.
To support the evil AntiChrist agenda the bishop is depending on the silent obedience of  priests and deacons. He did not expect Nick and Martina to make public, some of his divisive instructions.
Our Lady told the Italian priest Fr.Stefano Gobbi that a time will come when those who are faithful to the teachings of the Church will be handed over to the authorities.
In a message of Maria Divine Mercy we are told that those who are faithful to the teachings of the Church will be excommunicated.
-Lionel Andrades