Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dominican priests like Sister Mary Sarah, O.P will say 'they support the Catholic Church’s teachings'.

The Curia of the Dominicans and  the chaplains and priests of the University of St.Thomas Aquinas,Rome,   like Sister Mary Sarah, O.P., President of Aquinas College, Nashville,USA are not affirming Catholic teachings in public yet they will be quick to state in public that 'they support the Catholic Church’s teachings'.
Sister Mary Sarah 
Sister Mary Sarah Galbraith, O.P., President of Aquinas College, Nashville,USA in a recent statement has not said that homosexuality, the act and relationship is a mortal sin and leads to eternal damnation in Hell.
She stated 'We support and affirm that every man and woman, regardless of his or her state in life, deserves respect...'. We respect all people but we affirm our Catholic faith which says homosexuality is 'intrinsically evil'.The President of Aquinas College has not mentioned this in her statement. She has not supported Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel.
Her statement continues, '... and that the health of any culture is gauged according to the capacity of its members to uphold their own beliefs while respecting the beliefs of others.' What are the beliefs of Sister Mary Sarah, O.P ?
Sister Mary Sarah states,' In her presentation, Sister Jane Dominic spoke clearly on matters of faith and morals.' Really? What are they and why does she not mention them and affirm them?
'Her deviation into realms of sociology and anthropology was beyond the scope of her expertise.' Sister Mary Sarah, O.P,the President of Aquinas College has a different view on the scientific research  on homosexuality and disease, mortality etc. So Sr.Laurel has to go on a sabbatical?
'Sister is a trained theologian from a Pontifical University and has the credentials to contribute to scholarly bodies of work. This she has done in the past with distinction.'
The theologians at the Pontifical University of St.Thomas Aquinas, Rome are denying the Catholic Faith on exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church. They are rejecting the Catechism of the Catholic Church (846 ) and Vatican Council II (AG 7) which says all need to enter the Church as through a door and all need faith and baptism for salvation.

This is not the teaching at Aquinas College and neither at other Dominican institutions.
When this teaching is presented to the chaplains at the Angelicum in Rome they want to have nothing to do with it. Yet this is a teaching of the Catholic Church. Vatican Council II is in agreement with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Dominican priests, chaplains are not affirming it before the students. Yet in public these priests will say that 'they support the Catholic Church’s teachings'.
-Lionel Andrades