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Medjugorje: apparizione a Mirjana Dragičević - 2 Aprile 2014

Committing to the Fight! -Michael Voris

Bishop Michael Olson is not willing to say all Muslims and other non Catholics are on the way to Hell according to Vatican Council II (AG 7) unless they enter the Catholic Church

I have sent the post on this blog Bishop Michael Olson has faculties to offer Holy Mass while denying the Catholic Faith in public to the bishops office at Fort Worth,Texas and have not received any response. The bishop has not also answered the questions about the Traditional Latin Mass being stopped at the Fischer More College, asked of him by priests and bloggers.
Lenten Discernment NightsNeither is he willing to say that all Muslims are oriented to Hell according to Vatican Council II unless they convert into the Catholic Church. Nor is he willing to say that the Catechism of the Catholic Church  teaches that  all Jews, Muslims, Protestants and other non Catholics  need to enter the Church 'as through a door 'for salvation (CCC846).
Instead at Fort Worth and the  rest of the Dallas it is being taught that being saved in invincible ignorance (LG 16) refers to known cases in the present times who are exceptions to Ad Gentes 7. In other words these cases of the deceased are visible to the bishop at Fort Worth.
Most Reverend Michael F. Olson
According to Vatican Council II all need 'faith and baptism' for salvation. Mohammad did not have faith and baptism. According to Vatican Council II he was oriented to Hell. The ordinary means of salvation is faith and baptism. It is not invincible ignorance.
Also the Quran shows that Mohammad knew about the Catholic Church and yet he did not enter. So he was not in invincible ignorance. According to Vatican Council II (Lumen Gentium 14), he knew and did not enter so he could not be saved.
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This is the teaching being denied in public by Bishop Michael Olson.
On a televisied talk (1) he has not affirmed Vatican Council II (AG 7), the Catechism of the Catholic Church (846), the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Nicene Creed. Neither has he proclaimed these magisterial documents with accompanying teaching, at any public forum. Yet he retains  faculties to offer Holy Mass and has used his office to ban the Traditional Latin Mass at the Fischer More College .
This is contrary to Canon Law. Since the bishop, a juridical person, according to Canon Law  denies teachings of the Catholic Church. It is obligatory for him to affirm these teachings to stay in office. Yet he has faculties to offer Holy Mass and to remove these faculties from others in the diocese.
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He  denied aspects of Vatican II in the video distributed by a former board member of the Fisher More College. He denied Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II which says all need to enter the Church for salvation. All would include the members sitting at the Town Hall meeting with the bishop. He also did not affirm the Catechism of the Catholic Church 846 which states all need to enter the Church as through a door. There are no exceptions mentioned in Vatican Council II or the Catechism of the Catholic Church to AG 7 and CCC 846 or the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
In the Nicene Creed we pray, 'I believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sin'. This was not told to the Jewish professor . Neither did he tell the Christians there that they need Catholic Faith (AG 7), the Sacraments and the moral and faith teachings of the Catholic Church to avoid Hell .
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Canon 1225 states “All sacred celebrations can be performed in legitimately established oratories except those which the law or a prescript of the local ordinary excludes or the liturgical norms prohibit.”
How can a sacred celebration be performed by a bishop who in public denies the Catholic faith and has never affirmed it in the media ?
-Lionel Andrades
Bishop Michael Olson has faculties to offer Holy Mass while denying the Catholic Faith in public

The Mother of God has a school hidden in the wooded hills of New Hampshire

The Mother of God has a school hidden in the wooded hills of New Hamsphire

MANCIPIA  • The Report of the Crusade of Saint Benedict Center • March/April 2014

Pavithra, from Hinduism to Catholicism: "Without Christ we are nothing "

Pavithra, from Hinduism to Catholicism: "Without Christ we are nothing "
by Pavithra Subramaniyan Iyer

Accountant, 25 years old, the young woman is educated and comes from a wealthy family of the highest caste. She tells AsiaNews about her journey of faith: the first few times in church as a child with her mother, and her engagement to a young Christian. Now she wants to "become an example for others, never forgetting that I'm embracing Jesus and his teachings”. She Will be baptized during the Easter Vigil.

Mumbai ( AsiaNews) -"Naturally drawn towards Christianity" following a spiritual journey that has culminated in the decision to " follow Christ because without him we are nothing". These are the words of Pavithra Subramaniyan Iyer, 25, as she describes for AsiaNews how she matured her decision to convert to Catholicism. Born into an educated and influential Hindu family of Brahmin caste, the girl is an only child and works as an accountant. Her father was a banker and her mother a university professor in economics. Below we publish Pavithra's story.
I would have never imagined how events would change me over the course of one year, since I told my parents that I would like to embrace the Catholic Faith. There were no objections, and both my parents will be present and share my joy at my Baptism at Easter Vigil .
At that time, I was also on a sort of personal spiritual quest and had read about different forms of spiritual experiences including those of the Christian faith. I understood God to be a sort of father figure. I did not know that Jesus Christ was His son, miraculously conceived and born from a virgin. But I knew that Jesus rose from the dead after he had been crucified.
My Mother was educated in a convent school and believed in Jesus Christ, and knew all about his life and ministry. She would take me to church and to the novena service of Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, Mahim, and I got this habit of going to church from my mother as she had a belief in Jesus Christ. Almost every year, we used to celebrate the Lord's Birthday- where I received gifts and new clothes and we had a festive lunch at home and at Easter, our home was filled with colourful Easter eggs. There was a sense of peace that I used to feel when I entered the Church.
I had no idea that there was a plan that he had made for me. There was a image that he had already created of me in Him. He sent me angels to take care of me and guide me on a path. All things fell into place automatically and I was drawn towards the Lord.
I met this Christian boy who became my best friend and now fiancé, who supported me in every walk of life may it be sad or happy. He was and is my support-system. Eventually we decided to take our relationship a step further than friendship. My fiancé's Mom explained to me the importance of Christ in their lives. 'Without him we are nothing. Everything that we have achieved is through him and the reason we are living is him.' Her faith is really strong which lead me to follow her faith.
I took a decision to follow him. In no time I approached the Diocesan Pastoral Centre and met 'Father Terrence'. He gave me some time to think about my decision and explained the consequences of my decision. I somehow thought this would do me good, something from within me made me take this decision although I did face some sort of turmoil just as Moses or Jonah did.
Gods works are so marvellous. He handed me over to a set of Angels - my animators - 'Zita, Fatima , Patricia and Rose' who nurtured me along with the other candidates. They imbibed the seed of faith in me which I will carry forward throughout my life and even after that. They are teaching me about the Lord in such a way that I yearn to learn more and more about him.
I wasn't really aware what type of class it would be, what they are going to teach and so on. I had too many questions in my head. I still remember it was raining heavily the first day I entered and found some more of them like me wanting to enter the faith. Honestly, they made me feel so comfortable. We have discussions, question and answer sessions, we pray together. Now that we are reaching towards the end of my classes I am feeling so hurt; I wish it was a class which never ended. I enjoy learning about the lord with my animators and other classmates. I can't imagine not going to my classes every Thursday. It has become a part of my life.
From the beginning until my first retreat, I came to know Jesus as 'God' first then 'Son of God' ,' A Messiah' to being 'A Saviour of the world', who died for us in order to free us from sins. Such a huge sacrifice for such sinful people like us who think mostly of worldly pleasures. I realized that whatever the situation be in life we must face it and move forward. We must take up our own cross then God will automatically be with us.
Now let me introduce you to my sponsor and Godparent 'Auxelia and Tony Gonsalves' I am very lucky that the Lord has given me such loving, caring sponsor and Godparent who have stood by me throughout this new journey of my life. They introduced me to my parish, they sit with me and pray, explain to me my doubts. They helped me to build a connection with Jesus and make him my friend who is always available to listen and understand.
Whether other people have the time or not, He is there to guide, protect, be with you always, at every moment. Through this journey from knowing Jesus to having my Rite of Acceptance in my Parish and my Rite of Election - my life changed - I started reading the bible, attending mass, learning prayers, reading about the faith. Most importantly the effects -I started inculcating 'the Beatitudes' in my life ; I started seeing Christ in other people, it has changed the way I look at life, I am aware that my behavior has an effect and that I should not forget that I am embracing Christ and his teachings. I have to set an example for others by the way how I conduct myself. I passed my CA exams, got a job in 15 days of getting the degree and regained back my self-confidence which seemed lost.
When My Rite of Acceptance and Election was conducted I felt that I am very lucky to come into faith at this point as I feel privileged that the Parish Priests, relatives, parents, parishioners all are a part of my journey. Special Intercessory prayers were said for me. I was welcomed into the community with such warmth. Not only that I felt privileged to get Bishop's blessing. The Mass that was celebrated on that day can never be forgotten.
Now I have just gone through my first scrutiny - Yes I am proudly saying that I am God's Chosen One (there is a purpose for which he has chosen me)to whom he is giving the living water.
I am proceeding towards the day when I will be initiated into the faith, will receive the holy spirit which will guide and protect me throughout life and most importantly eagerly awaiting to receive the body and blood of Christ; the day when Christ will start living in me (as expressed by Paul) and through this strength I can spread this good news to the world.