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The Mass is the one sacrifice of Christ multilocated (not multiplied)

Father Feeney taught that the priest has the power of an executioner on the altar; he has such power in his words. And the Word of God is the most powerful thing in the world, so when the priest is speaking in the name of Christ, what prevents a bloody sacrifice from happening is the fact that Our Lord is now in glory. Jesus can never die again; His Body is impassible; His Body is immortal; His body is glorified, as it was when He arose from the dead. This is the reason that, under the appearances of bread and wine, we do not have a bloody sacrifice at the Mass. Where the Body goes, so does the Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus; where the Blood goes, so does the Body, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus. It is a real sacrifice to be sure, but it is unbloody. The words, however, are still sacrificial; we have to insist on that; that is why we call the Mass a real sacrifice  . There is a Victim, there is an immolation, but the separation of Body and Blood is only in appearance under the species of bread and wine, not in the reality that is the  Mysterium Fidei . The Mass is the one sacrifice of Christ multilocated (not multiplied); it is the daily sacrifice of the priest, and it is our sacrifice together with the priest, who alone, in the Person of Christ , acts as both sacrificer and victim.
The second aspect of the Holy Eucharist is the  Real Presence and this is God’s great gift to us. We can now have a locatable God, a God who is not only “here,” but a God who is this , a living flesh and blood Emmanuel. That is why we call the presence of God in the Blessed Sacrament, the Real Presence. Father Feeney used to say, in paraphrasing the Curé of Ars: “I can take Him and put Him on my left; I can put Him down on my right side, and there He stays and, God forbid, if I should drop Him on the floor, there is God on the floor.” This is the great mystery of the Real Presence. This is why we can have Benediction and swing our censors with their incense; this is why we genuflect before the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist....- from The Mystery of Holy Communion Part 2 by Brian Kelly

There is no text in Vatican Council II which contradicts Feeneyism

Popes approved a factual error and so Vatican Council II is a break with the past


Bishop Michael Olson has faculties to offer Holy Mass while denying the Catholic Faith in public

Bishop Michael Olson, the bishop of Fort Worth, Texas on a televised talk (1) has not affirmed Vatican Council II (AG 7), the Catechism of the Catholic Church (846), the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Nicene Creed. Neither has he proclaimed these magisterial documents with accompanying teaching, at any public forum. Yet he has faculties to offer Holy Mass and has used his office to ban the Traditional Latin Mass at the Fischer More College .
For example, I discern in the bishop’s second point, the one about his granting faculties, the possibility that the priest who had been saying Mass at Fisher More on a regular basis may not have had any faculties at all, from any bishop or religious superior. I suspect that there is more to that poorly phrased second point than meets the eye.-Fr.John Zuhlsdorf (2) 
According to Canon Law how can a bishop who denies teachings of the Catholic Church, which is obligatory to affirm, hold his office ? So how does the bishop still have faculties to offer Holy Mass?
Was the Traditional Latin Mass prohibited because the Fischer More College faculty  did not affirm the heresies of Bishop Michael Olson?
Fr.Zuhlsdorf writes:
  • In May a prof of FMC (Fisher More College) gave a talk and denied aspects of Vatican II
  • The FSSP priests withdrew their services at FMC some time ago.
  • Taylor Marshall, married with several children, resigned his job at FMC without another job.
  • At Thanksgiving, 2013, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, the suspended Fatima Priest, said Mass at FMC.
  • These things took place when the Diocese of Fort Worth was vacant.
  • “This is NOT about hatred for the TLM.”

  • 'In May a prof of FMC (Fisher More College) gave a talk and denied aspects of Vatican II' Bishop Michael Olson in the video distributed by a former board member of the FMC denies Ad Gentes 7, Vatican  Council II which says all need to enter the Church for salvation. All would include the members sitting at the Town Hall meeting with the bishop. He also did not affirm the Catechism of the Catholic Church 846 which states all need to enter the Church as through a door. There are no exceptions mentioned in Vatican Council II or the Catechism of the Catholic Church to AG 7 and CCC 846 or the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
    In the video Bishop Olson is asking the Jewish professor sitting before him if he(Bishop Olson) had said the correct thing. He also made a gesture of helplessnes.It is possible that the TLM was stopped at FMC for political reasons. The traditional theology and doctrine, associated with the TLM , does not fit in with the future one world religion which will not have Catholic moral and faith teachings.

    In the Nicene Creed we pray, 'I believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sin'. This was not told to the Jewish professor . Neither did he tell the Christians there that they need Catholic Faith (AG 7), the Sacraments  and the moral and faith teachings of the Catholic Church to avoid Hell . 
    Fr.Zuhlsdorf writes: 
    Canon 1225 states that “All sacred celebrations can be performed in legitimately established oratories except those which the law or a prescript of the local ordinary excludes or the liturgical norms prohibit.”
    How can a sacred celebration be performed by a bishop who in public denies the Catholic faith and has never affirmed it in the media ?
    -Lionel Andrades  


    Video : Bishop Michael Olson does not affirm exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church according to Vatican Council II

    The Rosary stops a serial killer 1978

    The Rosary stops a serial killer 1978

    At 3: 00 am on January 15 Bundy entered the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University and murdered two girls before heading off to search for more victims. When he entered a third girl’s room with a bat for a weapon, he saw a rosary clutched in her hand, dropped the bat and fled.

    Later the girl told authorities that before she left for college she had promised her grandmother that she would pray the rosary every night for protection, even if she fell asleep in the process. This is what she had done that night, and she was still holding the rosary when the murderer entered her room. Bundy later confessed to over thirty murders.

    Father Joseph M. Esper says in his book With Mary to Jesus, "Ironically, when Ted Bundy was on death row, awaiting execution for his crimes, he asked Monsignor Kerr to serve as a spiritual counselor, and the priest took the opportunity to ask about that terrible night. Bundy explained that when he entered the girl's room, he had fully intended on murdering her; some mysterious power was preventing him."

    Father Esper adds, "And not only does it (the rosary) aid our own spiritual growth -- it also undermines the kingdom of Satan. The famous Vatican exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth testified, 'One day a colleague of mine heard the devil say during an exorcism, "Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head. If Christians knew how powerful the Rosary was, it would be my end."'

    Pray the rosary daily for protection and to defeat the forces of Satan!

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    Pakistani Catholic sentenced to death on blasphemy charge

    Pakistani Catholic sentenced to death on blasphemy charge
    02 April 2014  by Anto Akkara
    Blasphemy death sentence
    The trial court of Lahore in Pakistan on 27 March sentenced Savan Masih, a Catholic, to death for blasphemy.
    Following the blasphemy allegation against Mr Masih in March last year, thousands of Muslims, urged on by clerics, went on a rampage in the Joseph Colony, Lahore’s Christian district, setting on fire and damaging 178 houses, 18 shops and two churches.
    Joseph Francis, director of CLAAS (the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance-Settlement) that has been providing assistance to Masih, said in a press statement on 31 March that the trial was based on a false accusation.
    CLAAS said that Mr Masih was framed “in a false case of insulting the prophet Muhammad during the course of conversation with a Muslim friend” at the Joseph Colony concerning a property dispute.
    Mr Masih appealed against his conviction on Tuesday saying that the charges were fabricated to accelerate the eviction of Christians from the area.
    The sentence evoked strong protests the next day from opposition parties in the National Assembly, who decried the persecution of minority communities on trumped up blasphemy charges.
    Shireen Mazari of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) party said it was a travesty that the people who burned down so much of the colony in Lahore were released on bail, while the accused, tried on a disputed charge, was sentenced to death.