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Spiritual Exercises of St.Ignatius of Loyola under the SSPX: same doctrinal error as the Jesuits

The Society of St.Pius X (SSPX)  offers the Spiritual Exercises of St.Ignatius of Loyola. It's available for their members at Albano, Italy. I have not participated. Since the SSPX is making the same doctrinal error as the Jesuits who also offer the Spiritual Exercises in Rome.
Towards the end of the Spiritual Exercises, on The Church, St.Ignatius of Loyola writes that the Exercises  should not contradict any of the teachings of the Church.
For the SSPX and the Jesuits it is an accepted doctrine that there are known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. They also assume that these exceptions are mentioned in Vatican Council II. This is a rejection of the dogma on exclusive salvation, Vatican Councl II, the Nicene Creed, the Catechism of the Catholic Church 846, Dominus Iesus 20 etc. There understanding of salvation, the Church (ecclesiology) and faith has changed.

The Jesuits assume that all salvation mentioned in Vatican Council II is explicit and visible for us. So they assume that this is the teaching of the Catholic Church. This is Church for them. For the SSPX too all salvation mentioned in Vatican Council II is explcit and visible for them. So they assume that this is the teaching of Vatican Council II and the Catechsim of the Catholic Church. This  contradicts their traditional understanding of Church. So they reject Vatican Council II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

For the Jesuits 'visible salvation in Heaven' (!) is a rejection of the traditional teaching on other religions and Christian communities and churches. So this is Church for them. For the SSPX because of the same irrationality, believe, like the Jesuits, that the Church's teaching on other religions and Christian communities has changed. So they reject Vatican Council II and other  documents and hold the traditional concept of St.Ignatius of Loyola. So they will conduct the Spiritual Exercises with St. Ignatius of Loyola's concept of Hell and mortal sin. Here they are an improvement over the Jesuits.
However both are using the visible- dead premise which creates a new concept of Church. 

I prefer doing the Exercises on my own.
-Lionel Andrades
                                                                               FIFTH EXERCISE


It contains in it, after the Preparatory Prayer and two Preludes, five Points and one Colloquy: Prayer. Let the Preparatory Prayer be the usual one. First Prelude. The first Prelude is the composition, which is here to see with the sight of the imagination the length, breadth and depth of Hell. Second Prelude. The second, to ask for what I want: it will be here to ask for interior sense of the pain which the damned suffer, in order that, if, through my faults, I should forget the love of the Eternal Lord, at least the fear of the pains may help me not to come into sin. First Point. The first Point will be to see with the sight of the imagination the great fires, and the souls as in bodies of fire. Second Point. The second, to hear with the ears wailings, howlings, cries, blasphemies against Christ our Lord and against all His Saints. Third Point. The third, to smell with the smell smoke, sulphur, dregs and putrid things. Fourth Point. The fourth, to taste with the taste bitter things, like tears, sadness and the worm of conscience. Fifth Point. The fifth, to touch with the touch; that is to say, how the fires touch and burn the souls. Colloquy. Making a Colloquy to Christ our Lord, I will bring to memory the souls that are in Hell, some because they did not believe the Coming, others because, believing, they did not act according to His Commandments; making three divisions: First, Second, and Third Divisions. The first, before the Coming; the second, during His life; the third, after His life in this world; and with this I will give Him thanks that He has not let me fall into any of these divisions, ending my life. Likewise, I will consider how up to now He has always had so great pity and mercy on me. I will end with an OUR FATHER. Note. The first Exercise will be made at midnight; the second immediately on rising in the morning; the third, before or after Mass; in any case, before dinner; the fourth at the hour of Vespers; the fifth, an hour before supper. This arrangement of hours, more or less, I always mean in all the four Weeks, according as his age, disposition and physical condition help the person who is exercising himself to make five Exercises or fewer.

Sister Faustina's Vision of Hell
"I, Sister Faustina Kowalska, by the order of God, have visited the Abysses of Hell so that I might tell souls about it and testify to its existence...the devils were full of hatred for me, but they had to obey me at the command of God, What I have written is but a pale shadow of the things I saw. But I noticed one thing: That most of the souls there are those who disbelieved that there is a hell." (Diary 741)
The Apostle of Divine Mercy
St. Maria Faustina Kowalska
of the
Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy

"Today, I was led by an angel to the Chasms of Hell. It is a place of great torture; how awesomely large and extensive it is! The kinds of tortures I saw:
The First Torture that constitutes hell is:
     The loss of God.
The Second is:
     Perpetual remorse of conscience.
The Third is
     That one's condition will never change.
The Fourth is:
     The fire that will penetrate the soul without destroying it. A terrible suffering since it is a purely spiritual fire, lit by God's anger.
The Fifth Torture is:
     Continual darkness and a terrible suffocating smell, and despite the darkness, the devils and the souls of the damned see each other and all the evil, both of others and their own.
The Sixth Torture is:
The constant company of Satan.
The Seventh Torture is:
Horrible despair, hatred of God, vile words, curses and blasphemies.
These are the Tortures suffered by all the damned together, but that is not the end of the sufferings. Indescribable SufferingsThere are special Tortures destined for particular souls. These are the torments of the senses. Each soul undergoes terrible and indescribable sufferings related to the manner in which it has sinned. I would have diedThere are caverns and pits of torture where one form of agony differs from another. I would have died at the very sight of these tortures if the omnipotence of God had not supported me.

No One Can Say There is No HellLet the sinner know that he will be tortured throughout all eternity, in those senses which he made use of to sin. I am writing this at the command of God, so that no soul may find an excuse by saying there is no hell, or that nobody has ever been there, and so no one can say what it is terribly souls suffer there! Consequently, I pray even more fervently for the conversion of sinners. I incessantly plead God's mercy upon them. O My Jesus, I would rather be in agony until the end of the world, amidst the greatest sufferings, than offend you by the least sin."
(Diary 741)