Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rabbi Skorka to present the Jewish Left pitch on Nostra Aetate today at the Gregorian University

The liberal Rabbi Abraham Skorka is to speak today at the Gregorian Pontifical University Rome on The Jewish-Catholic Dialogue Fifty Years after Nostra Aetate- A Latin American Perspective'. He has been invited by the university's Jewish Left Cardinal Bea Center for Judaic Studies.The meeting is to be chaired by Cardinal Kurt Koch,President of the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews,Vatican.
He is expected to praise Nostra Aetate with no reference to Ad Gentes 7 which indicates all non Catholics need 'faith and baptism' to go to Heaven. He has neither of the two.
As expected in all Vatican-Jewish left dialogue they will assume all salvation mentioned in Vatican Council II refer to defacto, known cases, visible to us, instead of hypothetical, possibilities accepted in principle, in faith  but never known visibly.
So there cannot be exceptions to the traditional extra ecclesiam nulla salus or the Syllabus of Errors.They are irrelevant but the liberal rabbis will project them as relevant to change the teachings of the Catholic Church on other religions and ecumenism.He will blur the defacto-de jure distinctions and not clarify his terms in dialogue.
The Cardinal Bea Center which has invited  the liberal rabbi (whose program was disrupted at the Catholic cathedral in Buenos Aires by the SSPX, Argentina) uses the information and documentation of SIDIC, a pro- abortion Jewish Left group who was asked to leave by a former  Gregorian University  administration.The Cardinal Bea Center was founded by Cardinal Carlo Martini S.J when he was the Rector of the university.
The Catholic Church's traditional teaching on other religions and ecumenism has not been changed by Vatican Council II since Ad Gentes 7 has the same message as the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. There are no known exceptions in the present times to the teaching that all need to convert into the Catholic Church for salvation.Neither does Vatican Council II mention any exceptions.We don't know the name of any one saved outside the Church this year.
The secular media and the liberal rabbis claim there are exceptions to the dogma by assuming de jure, implicit cases are personally known to us in daily life.One can meet the dead!.Ghosts are exceptions! It is based on this irrationality that Vatican Council II could be a 'revolution' for Rabbi Skorka.
The rabbi may visit the new Department of the Theology of Religions, which is associated with the nominal Missiology Department of this Pontifical Jesuit university. The Department is headed by Fr.Brian Lobo S.J and the Rector is the pro-Dean.According to this department all religions are equal paths to salvation. The Catholic Church is just one of many religions. The Church is necessary for salvation. Belief in Jesus is not necessary for salvation. It is sufficient to believe in God. One can believe in only God the Father,for salavtion.Syncretism is not a sin. Rejecting the Nicene Creed, 'I believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sin' is not a mortal sin. The baptism of water is optional. Since for the Catholic professors  there is known salvation outside the Church. They know of people saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire, this year in Rome.
This department rejects Vatican Council II (AG 7), the Catechism of the Catholic Church (845,846), Dominus Iesus 20, the dogma on exclusive salvation defined three times and the Nicene Creed.
In the Profession of Faith their understanding of 'the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church' is a break with Tradition.
This should please the visiting rabbi.
-Lionel Andrades

No known exceptions in Nostra Aetate to extra ecclesiam nulla salus

La scatola di manghi

Se in una scatola di manghi c'è una mela , la mela è un'eccezione perché è lì . Esiste lì . Se non fosse stato lì non sarebbe un'eccezione.
Per essere un'eccezione deve essere visibile e diverso .
Quando non è visibile , ed esistente non è un'eccezione .
Non conosco una persona ;non vedo nessuno in cielo o in terra salvato con il battesimo di desiderio o invincible ignoranza.Questi casi non sono visibili per me, ma soltanto a Dio.Così
non può essere un'eccezione a qualsiasi cosa .
Gesù ha ribadito la necessità della fede e del battesimo per la salvezza ( Concilio Vaticano II , Ad Gentes 7) .
Non riesco a vedere alcuna eccezione nel 2014 .
In teoria si è possibile essere salvati come tali , in pratica , nella vita reale , non ci sono questi casi.
Così, quando il Concilio Vaticano II ( LG 14) , dice chi sa che la Chiesa è fondata da Dio per mezzo di Gesù Cristo, ma non entrare saranno dannati , questo e implicita o esplicita per voi ? Concilio Vaticano II ( LG 16 ) si riferisce a coloro che senza colpa loro non hanno avuto il Vangelo predicato a loro, e che sono stati conducendo una vita buona e quindi potrebbero essere salvati . È questo soggettiva o oggettiva per voi? Quando il Catechismo della Chiesa Cattolica 846 indica tutti coloro che sono salvati in un'altra religione sono salvati per mezzo di Gesù e della Chiesa, sappiamo di queste persone ? Questi  casi e invisibile o visibile per te ? Quando il Catechismo della Chiesa Cattolica 846 indica che coloro che sono salvati in un'altra religione sono salvati per mezzo di Gesù e della Chiesa , sappiamo di queste azioni ? Sono questi i casi invisibile o visibile per te ? Quando il Catechismo ( 1257 La necessità del Battesimo ) dice che Dio non è limitata ai Sacramenti , è  riferisce a casi ipotetici o de facto casi nel 2014 ? Allo stesso modo quelli salvati con i semi del Verbo ( AG 11) , la comunione imperfetta, con la Chiesa ( UR 3 ) sono espliciti per noi o esplicita solo per Dio ? Cardinale Richard Cushing , l'arcivescovo di Boston e gli gesuiti della Boston conosciuto il nome e il cognome di una persona, chi e una eccezione  per gli insegnamenti che tutti bisogna la fede che e battesimo per la salvezza ?
C'è stato un caso noto per confutare Fr.Leonard Feeney di Boston ? Potrebbe quelli salvati attraverso le cose "buone e sante 'nel loro religione (NA 2 ) essere pertinenti o un'eccezione al dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus ?
Potrebbe unlettore di questo blog mi dia un esempio .Dove e di eccezione in  Concilio Vaticano II  per   extra ecclesiam nulla salus ?
 - Lionel Andrades

The box of mangoes

Bolt on the road to Damascus needed- FFI

What would happen to a Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate priest if he said he accepts Vatican Council II in prefect agreement with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Syllabus of Errors. 
Would he be told to leave the Congregation by Fr. Fidenzio Volpi, Capuchin, the Apostolic Commissioner appointed by the Holy See for the Franciscans of the Immaculate. ?
During the pontificate of Pope  Benedict XVI  the FFI priests whom I knew did not want to affirm in public the dogma on exclusive salvation.
They also misinterpreted Vatican Council II. They took for granted  that the Council contradicted the dogma and the Syllabus of Errors. The FFI's theologians, Bruno Gheradini, Roberto Matteo and others, could never understand that a wrong premise was being used throughout in the interpretation of Vatican Council II.So the Council was coming across as a break with Tradition.
All they had to do was get rid of the premise.But this was too simple for them.
However there were a few exceptions among them.

Now assuming something unexpected happens and  one of the FFI priests, who has been supporting what I write here, and understands what I am saying here, would be able to defend himself in public if he is thrown out of the community by Pope Francis ? 
He would have to begin his defence before a tribunal, like this:-
 1. I Father.............FFI, accept Vatican Council II as a historical event. I accept all of it.
 2. I believe the Holy Spirit guided the Council.
 3. I accept Vatican Council II making the dejure-defacto, in theory-in practise, implicit-explicit distinction and so clarify my terms.
I affirm Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II which says all need 'faith and baptism'. It is included in the Catechism of the Catholic Church 846 under the sub title Outside the Church No Salvation.It says 'all need to enter the  Church as through a door'.So according to Vatican Council II outside the Church there is no salvation in 2014 and all need 'to enter as through a door' with 'faith and baptism' for salvation.De facto, explicitly every one needs to be a visible member of the Church, with faith and baptism.
4.I affirm Lumen Gentium 16( being saved in invincible ignorance),Lumen Gentium 8 (being saved with elements of sanctification and truth), Nostra Aetate 2 (being saved with good and holy things in other religions, through Jesus and the Church). They all refer to de jure (in principle cases), implicit for us and known only to God.Since they are hypothetical cases, possibilities, they do not contradict the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, the Syllabus of Errors or Ad  Gentes 7( all need faith and baptism). All Catholics can uphold these cases along with the traditional and 'rigorist interpretation' of extra ecclesiam nulla salus. It does not violate the Principle of Non Contradiction. We make the invisible-visible, subjective-objective distinction.
All salvation mentioned in Vatican Council II is invisible for us in 2014 and so irrelevant to extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
So Vatican Council II (AG 7) is saying all non Catholics need to convert into the Church to avoid Hell (for salvation).Hindus, Jews, Muslims need faith and baptism. Orthodox Christians and Protestants need Catholic faith ( they have the baptism of water) which includes the Sacraments and the moral and faith teachings of the Catholic Church.
According to Vatican Council II (AG 7) most people on earth are oriented to Hell without faith and baptism. While in Heaven there are only Catholics (with faith and baptism and without mortal sin).
5.Nostra Aetate says Catholics are the new people of God. Catholics are the Chosen People they have the Promised Jewish Messiah. They have the new and everlasting Covenant He made for those who believe in Him in the Catholic Church.So all Catholics, FFI included, have a mortal duty to proclaim outside the church there is no salvation.Members of other religions need to convert into the Catholic Church even though they have been granted religious freedom, in a state with a secular Constitution (Dignitatis Humanae).
Dignitatis Humanae, Vatican Council II asks us to respect the political rights of non Catholics in a secular state, while continuing to profess our Catholic Faith and our political right to religious freedom.

As per the new requirements of the Apostolic Commissioner I accept Vatican Council II, in which de jure, implicit for us references to salvation are NOT considered to be defacto, explicit and visible to us in 2014.
This is the stuff of physics and not theology.If a body has mass, force and acceleration, it presupposes that the body exists in time and space (2014). Where is the 'human body' in time and space saved in invincible ignorance or the baptism of desire? So how can this non existing human body be an exception to extra ecclesiam nulla salus i.e every one needs faith and baptism  for salvation.
I cannot see the dead on earth. So I reject the 'new ecclesiology', 'theology of religions', development of doctrine'  and 'irrational interpretation of Vatican Council II' based on an irrational premise, that of there being known and visible  exceptions in 2014 to the literal and traditional interpretation of the thrice defined dogma on exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church, which is in perfect agreement with Vatican  Council II.
I am aware that this may not be the interpretation of Vatican Council II according to the Commissar appointed by the Prefect of the Congregation for Religious, .

Signed: Fr............FFI.

-Lionel Andrades