Wednesday, January 8, 2014

If there are 20 people standing at a gravesite you don't count the dead body

1. In a hospital if there are seven patients with tuberculosis in the TB ward and one of them is cured then he is an exception. He is an exception since he is still there in the ward.
2. In a graveyard if there are 20 people at a gravesite ,as they lower a corpse into the grave,an onlooker will not say there are 21 people there including the dead body.
3. If in a family of four , the father dies, now when the three of them sit down for dinner, they do not lay the table for four persons.The deceased father does not exist.
4. If a fireman reaches the 10th floor of an apartment on fire and finds three persons alive and one dead, he reports back that there are three people in need of assistance. He does not say there are four persons in need of assistance.
 Similarly the dead, who are saved in invincible ignorance etc and who are in Heaven are not on earth. They do not exist on earth. So we cannot say that they exceptions all all needing 'faith and baptism' (AG 7) for salvation.
There are no exceptions.
-Lionel Andrades