Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Elementary My Dear Watson!

 Elementary My Dear Watson :The supposed explanation that Sherlock Holmes gave to his assistant, Dr. Watson, when explaining deductions he had made.
holmesIn fact the line doesn't appear in the Conan Doyle books, only later in Sherlock Holmes' films. He does come rather close at a few of points. Holmes says "Elementary" in 'The Crooked Man', and "It was very superficial, my dear Watson, I assure you" in 'The Cardboard Box'. He also says "Exactly, my dear Watson, in three different stories.The phrase was first used by P. G. Wodehouse, in Psmith Journalist, 1915 (1)
For something to be an exception it has to exist. If something is not there it is not an exception. This is elementary.
If there is a crate of oranges and there is one apple within, the apple in the box is an exception. If it did not exist it would not be an exception. Elementary!
 VaticanoII un dibattito aperto
Fr. Jean Marie Gleize of the SSPX in his book on Vatican Council II says there is an exceptional way of salvation. This  would imply that there are known exceptions to all needing to convert into the Church for salvation. There are no such known cases! He - does not know anyone  saved in imperfect communion with the Church(UR 3). So there are no exceptions! Elementary!
Similarly Archbishop Augustine Di Noia of Ecclesia Dei made an elementary mistake. In  an interview with the National Catholic Register he said that  those saved with 'elements of sanctification and truth' (LG 8) are exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.These cases do not exist in our reality.
Likewise  Archbishop Gerhard Muller said that being saved in invincible ignorance is an exeption to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. So for him all do not have to convert into the Church but only those who know. Archbishop Muller does not know who knows and who does not know and will be saved. So why mention it as an exception.It is a possibility yes, but not an exception.
Similarly when the SSPX and SSPX-SO claim there are known exceptions in Vatican Council II to the traditional teaching on other religions, ecumenism and religious liberty they are making an elementary error. There are no such known cases mentioned in Vatican Council II. There are only possibilities.
Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Michael Voris also made a fundamental  error when they claimed Vatican Council II is ambigous. Yes it would be ambigous if you asumed we could see the dead saved in invincible ignorance etc.Salvation in Heaven in 2013 is not visible to us on earth. Elementary My Dear Watson.
Invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire are not known cases.So they are not exceptions to the literal interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as interpreted by Tradition and Fr.Leonard Feeney.
Elementary My Dear Watson.
-Lionel Andrades