Monday, October 14, 2013

SSPX (N.America) abetting the spread of falsehood even after being informed

SSPX Legal Consultants James Wright, Ginny Shepherd are not correcting the error.

Last July the SSPX (N.America) Communications Office confirmed that they will not be answering two questions I had asked them.(1). They will not answer these questions implying that :

1) We Catholics, can see the dead who are saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire and who are now in Heaven. We can see them physically on earth.So they are known exceptions to the literal and traditional interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.Everyone does not have to convert into the Church in 2013 since there are known exceptions this year for the SSPX(USA/Canada).

2) According to them Catholics can affirm the literal interpretation of the dogma which does not mention exceptions.Simultaneously Catholics can believe there are known exceptions in 2013, like the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance.This does not violate the Principle of Non Contradiction for the SSPX.

3) Vatican Council II mentions those saved in invincible ignorance(LG 16), seeds of the Word (AG 11),imperfect communion with the church (UR), good and holy things in other religions(NA), salvation in other religions(NA) and these are visible cases for Catholics in 2013, for them to be exceptions to the dogma on salvation and the interpretation of Fr.Leonard Feeney, according to the SSPX.

4) The Letter of the Holy Office 1949 contradicted itself when it indicated 'implicit desire' is a known exception to 'the dogma', the 'infallible statement'.The 'dogma' does not mention any exceptions.

Catholics cannot see the dead who are saved in invincible ignorance or with implicit desire known only to God.This is a falsehood of the SSPX (USA).

Since I do not accept this objective error (being able to see the dead) I am pejoratively called a Feeneyite according to an e-mail from their Communications Office. I  am informed that the Holy Office condemned the heresy of Fr.Leonard Feeney.The two questions were not answered by the Communications Office and they expect me to say that I can see the dead.

The SSPX (USA/Canada) is also implying that the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 contradicts a defined dogma Cantate Domino, Council of Florence 1441, Vatican Council II (AG /,LAG 14) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (846 Outside the Church No Salvation).

Their priests are offering the Traditional Latin Mass by denying the Nicene Creed in which we affirm, "I believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sin". Baptism refers to the baptism of water which is known, visible and repeatable.For the SSPX USA it is , "I believe in three known baptisms for the forgiveness of sin, water, desire and blood''. For them the baptism of desire is visible and repeatable like the baptism of water. They can also judge whom God will consider a martyr.

They need to clarify this issue of being saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire being known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.The Letter of the Holy Office does not state that Fr.Leonard Feeney was excommunicated for heresy but -for disobedience. The Letter does not state that those saved with the baptism of desire and in invincible ignorance are explicit for us.It does not claim that we can see the dead. Neither does it state that these cases are exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
-Lionel Andrades

July 19, 2013   SSPX (USA/Canada) Communications Office confirms: they will not answer the two questions