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AIDS patient's conversion at Medugorje : Family refinds Catholic Faith,experience extraordinary phenomenon too



Medugorje Catholic convert sees Our Lady at Medugorje makes 15th pilgrimage

Wendy Wagstaff, English convert to the Catholic Church visits Medugorje for the 15th time and chooses the winter since it is quiet. She had an extraordinary personal apparition of Our Lady at the apparition site in 2009 when she first visited Medugorje after her conversion to the Catholic Faith. She recalls her Confession at Medugorje.
Our Lady appeared to her in a personal way.


The Call To Pray
Parents wait for news after a reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Joel Auerbach)
Call it the "Ash Wednesday Massacre," with the most widely circulated photo of the Florida school shooting that of one horrified young mom cradling another, the ashes of Lent in a Cross on her forehead.
Surely, this says something. It says that her act of devotion brought a reminder of Lent to an entire nation; it says that Lent is a time of spiritual battle; it also is a call for us not simply to watch the news, but to pray for those involved in the articles and video clips we watch.

When, watching the TV news, a dentist from Bogota, Colombia, named Dr. Gloria Polo saw a news story about a woman who was left a widow and her child fatherless when the landlord, eager to evict them (and resisted by the father), hired thugs to murder him, she writes:

"I was really grieved for that poor woman. It was the Lord that permitted this! I gave attention to what was being said, and I realized that these events took place at Venadillo, Tulima: my birthplace!
"But immediately afterwards, the daily programs began and they spoke about a phenomenal diet, and so I completely forgot about the peasant woman. I never thought of her again."
Years later, during a near-death experience, Dr. Polo, raised Catholic but now utterly worldly and materialistic and finding herself in a dark place, her life being reviewed, says she was told by the Lord she had seen that news clip because He'd wanted her to pray -- to get on her knees and pray for the woman and her family -- and that if she had, the Holy Spirit would have inspired her to mention the event to a priest who lived nearby and knew another priest in Venadillo who in his turn could have helped the devastated peasant family.
Tolima shown in red

The Lord then showed her how, years later, driving with her young son through the red light district of Bogota, the boy had pointed to one of the streetwalkers and asked why she was dressed the way she was.

"Do not look!" she told her son. "They are contemptible women who sell their bodies for pleasure and money."
Jesus showed her, writes the dentist (in Struck By Lightning) that the streetwalker was the widow! -- that without money or assistance, the woman in that news story had been forced into prostitution in order to support her family, which would not have occurred if Dr. Polo had simply taken a moment to pray.
And so we think of all the victims we see on news these days -- the wars, the terrorism, the constant shootings, so horrible now in Florida -- where seventeen people were shot to death -- and it reminds us not only to watch with passing sympathy or a quick supplication but to pray meaningfully for the families, for we have no idea the effect these deaths may have. (See here for the victims.) Let us also keep in prayer the family of the heroic coach who saved lives by shielding students -- but lost his own. (Ironic it was that the Mass reading that very day was about laying down one's life for another, Luke 9)...
Also, to pray, however odious it seems, for the suspected killer, for while the first tendency is to despise him, we have no idea what caused him to become the way he is. (We do know he was adopted and that his adopted mother died last November.)
In whatever we are viewing on television or on internet sites such as Spirit Daily, this is the call of news: they are posted not just to consume but to see the "signs" of our times and respond to those whether in Florida or far-off places such as Iraq and Syria. 
Let us be "struck" by news, including the more obscure stories and trends.
As the Virgin  Mary, in a real Lenten lesson, once said: with prayer and fasting we can stop wars and even suspend the laws of nature...

In Times Of Evil: The Chaplet

In Times Of Evil: The Chaplet
Parents wait for news after a reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Joel Auerbach)
In our time, we face many events, trends, and spiritual shades of light (and darkness) rising on all sides.

Make no mistake: evil is intensifying in our personal lives as well as our society.
Yet, we're never powerless; just the opposite. While Christ looked vulnerable in the desert, He was actually expanding to His most powerful state, due to strengthening through adversity. He fought a fantastic onslaught of evil and temptation through fasting. Our hardest choices often bear the greatest fruit. With prayer and fasting we can stop wars and even suspend the laws of nature.
Nothing that rises against us cannot be subdued in some way through discipline in the sense of eternity. It is difficult to report the news. It is also necessary.
From the Diary of St. Faustina:
"Today I was awakened by a great storm. The wind was raging, and it was raining in torrents, thunderbolts striking again and again. I began to pray that the storm would do no harm, when I heard the words: Say the chaplet I have taught you, and the storm will  cease. I began immediately to say the chaplet and hadn't even finished it when the storm suddenly ceased, and I heard the words; Through the chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you ask for is compatible with My will" (1731).
And again, 
"When a great storm was approaching, I began to say the chaplet. Suddenly I heard the voice of an angel: 'I cannot approach in this storm, because the light which comes from her mouth drives back both me and the storm.' Such was the angel's complaint to God. I then recognized how much havoc he was to have made through this storm; but I also recognized that this prayer was pleasing to God, and that this chaplet was most powerful (1791)."
Please remind people to pray the Chaplet and beg for God's Mercy on this world, notes a reader named Kathleen, especially with the devastating natural events, societal trends, and crimes -- the school shooting -- evil that with fasting and prayer can be defeated.

‘Red Rose Rescuers’ appear in court, plead ‘not guilty’ to charges of entering abortion center

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WASHINGTON, D.C., February 15, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic priest pleaded “not guilty” this morning to unlawful entry inside an abortion facility. The case moved forward, with a pre-trial hearing scheduled for May 23 and the actual trial on June 25.
The priest, Father Stephen Imbarrato, and two other pro-life activists, Julia Haag and Joan McKee (collectively the “D.C. three”), will be tried together in June for their December 2 Red Rose Rescue. They entered an abortion facility operated by Steven Bringham at 6323 Georgia Ave NW, Suite 210 and gave roses and pro-life information to the women inside.
The D.C. three are being tried in the Superior Court of D.C. Haag and McKee had already both been arraigned at an earlier date. Both pleaded “not guilty.”
The “Rescue” movement began during the early days of the pro-life movement. It was normal for pro-life activists to enter abortion facilities to counsel women and even chain themselves to abortion equipment to prevent abortions from occurring. Many babies were saved this way.
In Canada, Mary Wagner continues to use this approach.
In 1994, then-President Clinton signed the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which makes it a federal crime to physically block women from obtaining abortions. FACE effectively ended the widespread use of normal rescue tactics.
Pro-lifers in Washington, D.C. distributed these red roses with miraculous medals and pregnancy help information on December 2, 2017.
Claire Chretien / LifeSiteNews
But, inspired by Mary Wagner, the Red Rose Rescue movement focuses on distributing red roses to mothers inside abortion centers and urging them to choose life. No one involved in the Red Rose Rescue has been charged with violating FACE.
Imbarrato, Haag, and McKee are represented by Paul Kiyonaga, who is ranked by Washingtonian magazineas one of the area’s top lawyers. (This magazine’s lists have significant clout in the D.C. area.)
Kiyonaga informed Judge Frederick Weisberg that the pro-lifers intend to use a defense of necessity and/or one related to acting on their consciences. The May 23 pre-trial hearing will be when Kiyonaga explains these arguments in more detail; Weisberg will then decide whether they can be used.
Weisberg indicated he doesn’t think witnesses at that hearing will be necessary, but Kiyonaga said they may be. Kiyonaga will have to state his intentions about having witnesses at that hearing in a motion due April 17.

Pro Life Advocates appealing guilty verdict for Red Rose Rescue Attempts

Defense: objective truth of the right to life allowed them to act in solidarity with the unborn

Pro-Life Advocates Appealing Guilty Verdict for Red Rose Rescue Attempts
STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. ( - Four pro-life advocates were found guilty of criminal charges for attempting to stop women from aborting their unborn children.
Municipal Judge Matthew Rumora sentenced Dr. Monica Miller, national director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, Abigail McIntryre, a full-time college student, Matthew Connolly and William Goodman, a full-time human rights advocate to two years non-reporting probation for trespassing after they entered Northland Family Planning in Sterling Heights, MI, on September 15, 2017.
In a post on Facebook by Lynn Mills, a pro-life investigator and source close to the four defendants, said she was told the jury would have found them not guilty if the defense of necessity was allowed by Rumora. Rumora also reportedly said he is Catholic and hears the right to life message in Church every week and is sympathetic.
The defense tried to explain that the lives of the unborn were in imminent danger allowing the rescuers to break the law to save them. They used the analogy to running into a burning building to save a life saying "technically, that's trespassing."
During the trial, Sterling Heights prosecuting attorney Donald Denault said it was a "simple case of not leaving when asked to do so," arguing that it didn't matter why they did it or if their cause was just, noting, "Maybe their cause should be championed." He said, "Rights have to have limits" and told the jurors they needed to follow their consciences only in the matter of the law.
Maybe their cause should be championed. Tweet
Robert Muise, defense attorney with American Freedom Law Center, explained their actions were an act of charity comparing their sacrifice to that of Martin Luther King Jr.'s saying "Because of Martin Luther King, we have a more just world today. Because of the four defendants, the four courageous pro-life rescuers, we have a more just world."
Throughout the trial, witnesses noted the how peacefully the defendants acted during the Red Rose Rescues.
Miller noted that when she was there, she talked to a woman named Verna, who admitted she was there for an abortion. After offering Verna a rose and telling her that help was available, Verna stood up as if to leave the abortuary with Dr. Miller. A staff member quickly walked up and ushered Verna into a back room. 
Goodman said in his testimony that 64 percent of women have said they felt pressure to abort, and McIntyre testified that pro-life sidewalk counselors can be the only voice of support these women will hear. Dr. Miller did not know what happened to Verna and felt she was coerced into following the abortion mill worker. 
After the testimony, Dr. Miller gave credit to Denault for allowing the defendants to fully explain their position, saying,  "he opened up certain doors for me to be able to expound and to explain." She summarized her testimony to Church Militant, saying: 
The unborn are real, they truly exist, and abortion is a violence against them. And this doesn't have necessarily anything to do with my religion. Yes, I'm a religious person, but somebody who is not necessarily religious can be against abortion because it has to do with natural law, it has to do with natural rights, it has to do with what it means to be human and where do human rights come from.
Miller said they "absolutely" want to be found not guilty, but said, "We want that not guilty verdict for the innocent unborn children that were put to death in Renae Jillian's abortion clinic that day. That not guilty verdict is for them, not for us."
Miller explained in a short video, released around the same time as the Red Rose Rescues took place, why they chose to enter the abortion mills and risk criminal charges. "By refusing to leave the clinics when told to do so by law enforcement, they offered an act of nonviolent defense of unborn children about to be aborted," she said.

The rescuers chose to remain in the clinic as an act of solidarity with the unborn children scheduled to be put to death by abortionists.Tweet
"The rescuers chose to remain in the clinic as an act of solidarity with the unborn children scheduled to be put to death by abortionists," she explained, noting they were responding to the imminent peril the "innocent babies and their beleaguered mothers" were in.
Three groups of people attempted Red Rose Rescues on September 15, 2017. In addition to the rescue attempt in Sterling Heights, two other groups of pro-life advocates entered the Alexandria Women's Health Clinic in Alexandria, Virginia and the Capital Women's Clinic in Washington D.C. and were arrested.  
The Washington D.C. trial is scheduled for June, and the Virginia trial is scheduled for March 9. 
The Red Rose Rescues were modeled after Canadian pro-life advocate Mary Wagner, who had been jailed for months for her actions entering abortion mills.

Would the German bishops go into schism?

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The German bishops have it easy. Pope Benedict supports them today on doctrine.They are not confronted with Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite).Since the liberals, traditionalists and conservatives can only interpret Vatican Council II with Cushingism.
The German bishops too use Cushingism to interpret the Council and then there is a break with Tradition.They like it.
Image result for Photos  German Catholic Bishops conference
Now picture a scenario when Pope Benedict and Pope Francis admit in public that Vatican Council (Cushingite) is irrational and that Vatican Council II( Feeneyite) is the rational and traditional doctrinal teaching of the Church. They affirm Vatican Council II(Feeneyite). Now picture the tension among the German bishops.The German bishops Conference could reject Vatican Council (Feeneyite). 
Liberals rejecting Vatican Council II?
Image result for Photos  German Catholic Bishops conference with <Pope Francis
Liberals in the same position as the Society of St. Pius X(SSPX) is in today?
On the other hand the traditionalists (picture this) will be thanking the popes for accepting Vatican Council II(Feeneyite) and Romes' coming back to the Faith, their discarding of Vatican Council II(Cushingite), which has a hermeneutic of rupture with Tradition.
Image result for Photos  German Catholic Bishops conference with <Pope Francis
They would of course welcome Vatican Councl II(Feeneyite) which is in harmony with the Syllabus of Errors , the past exclusivist ecclesiology and Feeneyite EENS. The magisterium after Vatican Council II would be in harmony with the Magisterium of the 16th century.
Would the German bishops go into schism?
-Lionel Andrades

FEBRUARY 17, 2018

The two popes and Cardinal Ladaria must be asked to affirm EENS (Feeneyite) and BOD(Feeneyite) and reject EENS(Cushingite) and BOD(Cushingite)

FEBRUARY 17, 2018

I am a Feeneyite who does not reject Vatican Council II

 FEBRUARY 17, 2018

I am a Feeneyite who does not reject BOD, BOB and I.I

FEBRUARY 17, 2018

6- To reinterpret Vatican Council II and switch from Cushingism to Feeneyism review your understanding of the Letter of the Holy Office 1949

FEBRUARY 17, 2018

I affirm baptism of desire(BOD) Feeneyite and extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) Feeneyite.I do not reject BOD,baptism of blood (BOB)and being saved in invincible ignorance(I.I) which are always Feeneyite for me.